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Top 30 Millennial Bajan Entrepreneurs Under 30 23 PHOTOGRAPHER remaining grateful - seems to be working out quite well. 3.) What are some of the tangible results that you have seen since starting your business? I have been fortunate enough to: travel to Trinidad and Tobago last year and work with the Miss Trinidad and Toba- go World franchise photographing their delegate who was to compete in the 2018 Miss World Pageant; be commissioned by M People Barbados to photograph the “Captain of Our Game” West Indies Cricket captain, and Barbadian, Jason Holder for the cover of their Christmas edition in 2018; have my work published in 8 (soon to be 9) different print publica- tions in the Caribbean in the past year and 2 international publications; have been involved by excellent teams that have progressively been getting larger, and more organized; start making a profit on my business after 4 months of solo oper- ation; soon be moving my studio to a larger space to accom- modate the growing demand for studio work, to develop my fine art practice and to offer workshops and training sessions; afford to incrementally build my inventory of photographic equipment to a professional standard; be involved (in my own small way) in 4 recent local art exhibitions; and to be invited to be part of this list! Logan C. Thomas 1.) Who is Logan C. Thomas in business? I define myself as a Caribbean photographer based in Barbados. My primary goal is to work as a commercial and fine art photographer in the Caribbean region, all the steps that I’ve taken and intend to take are towards that goal. As such I am a firm believer in the value and viability of Bajan product, and our ability to produce international-quality work/ product for export and regional use. Photography is a collab- orative effort, and on the micro level I try to approach every project with the spirit of teamwork in mind, where individuals are prepared to come together as equals in business, to take responsibility for their roles, and offer their best as part of the exchange in value. 2.) What inspired you to first start your photography busi- ness? I have to admit, I could wax lyrical about how I had a dis- posable camera in my hand at 4 and never looked back, but really there was no inciting incident. This is something that I’ve been working towards for most of my life (actively from at least from the age of 14); I’m thrilled to see that through my choices, and the truly invaluable support of my Family and friends that I’m seeing results. There is still quite a long way to go, but taking small, measurable, intentional steps - while Millennial Business and Life Mastery Magazine 4.) What in your opinion are some of the main differences between millennials and previous generations as it relates to doing business? I don’t claim to be any sort of authority on this topic, nor have I done any real research. This is strictly based on my own observations and biases. No doubt this is something that is on everybody’s mind - whether it’s the boomer who doesn’t understand how to appeal to the values of their millennial employees, or the millennial who doesn’t feel like they have the same chance or interest, at opportunity that their parents/ grandparents had for a stable working career with all the the benefits - we’ve seen it said in many ways that millennials are purported to have more focus on the pursuit of meaning in their lives, but would also appear to be more superficial than their predecessors; perhaps too changeable and lack the grit to “stick with it!” Boomers supposedly being quite opposite, with a focus on sacrifice, slow-build, preparations for the fu- ture, and an ethic of the ends justify the means. I think that the greatest difference is the idea of responsibility. Where pre- vious generations perhaps see responsibility as a concrete concept, with focus on individual responsibility and career growth in order to support their interests, and the interests of their nuclear family over the long term, I think us millennials have a reduced sense of personal responsibility and a great- er sense of socio-moral responsibility, which might come from our greater desire for meaning; which is more abstract, hard to define, harder to grasp and harder to strive toward. Our goals are typically shorter-term than our predecessors and we tend towards having a diverse portfolio of interests that may appear frivolous, but hopefully serve as a viable alterna- tive to having a single life-long career. 34