EN FL Sports Catalogue 2021 - Page 74

Michael Parchment
Multiple TAGB World Champion in Sparring – Taekwondo ( Norway )
“ I expect that the products I use and recommend offer the highest quality and the best results . I train at a high level of intensity , and that means that any tool I can use to improve my cardiovascular system is a bonus in helping me achieve my goals . The products I use regularly are Basics , Activize , Restorate , Heart Duo and Munogen . Personally , I find this combination offers me outstanding results , helping me to train harder and improving my cardiovascular system and endurance ”.
I have been using FitLine products since October 2016 , and regularly use FitLine Basics , Activize Oxyplus , Restorate , Heart Duo and Munogen .
My FitLine advisor is Alexandra Vik .
Marzena Wadzynska
Multiple World Champion Dragon Boat ( USA )
“ My name is Marzena Wadzynska , and I am a dragon boat paddler . I have been using FitLine products since 2014 . As an athlete on the national team , the right nutrition and good nutritional supplements play a key role in every aspect of my training . FitLine has significantly improved my overall performance level . I am stronger at the gym and faster in the water . I also recover more quickly after taking FitLine products . I recommend the products not only to World Champion athletes , but to anyone interested in improving their general wellbeing ”.
I have been using FitLine products since 2014 , and regularly use FitLine Activize Oxyplus , Restorate , Fitness-Drink , ProShape ® ( Amino ), Heart Duo and Munogen .
My FitLine advisor is Marzena Jonak .
38 Experience results .
MAXIMIZING SPORTS PERFORMANCE USER STUDY with FitLine Munogen and Activize Increased fat burning Fat max in Watt 24% 250 240 230 220 210 200 190 180 170 Fat max in Watt before Fat max in Watt after Graphic: 24% average improvement in maximum fat burning. Lactate threshold \ Watt Increasing your lactate threshold 74 Experience results. 7,2% 250 240 230 The lactate threshold is an indicator of an athlete’s endurance level. Up to this threshold, lactate is produced and broken down in equal amounts. It is diffi cult to train for very long above this threshold, as muscles “over acidify”. If a person has a high lactate threshold, they will be able to run marathons faster, for instance. The only way to increase your threshold is through slow and targeted increases in training capacity. When you start playing sports, you need your body to deliver energy right away. Carbohydrates you eat or carbohydrates stored in your body provide the quickest energy availability. Only after consuming its carbohydrates does your body mobilise its fat reserves, which it needs for longer- term endurance activities. Burning fat serves as a primary source of energy, since fat stores much more energy than carbohydrates. The advantage of maximizing fat burning is that you have more energy for athletic activities for a longer period of time. One way to encourage fat burning is intensive endurance training, although this training should not be too strenuous. 220 210 200 190 180 170 Lactate threshold \ Watt before Lactate threshold \ Watt after Increase performance with FitLine Munogen and Activize A user study of FitLine Munogen and FitLine Activize Oxyplus has clearly demonstrated the key role nutrition plays as a compliment to the right training regimen. 14 endurance cyclists took Munogen 30min before training and Activize in the morning and before training, over a period of 4 weeks. The athletes were good or very good recreational athletes, primarily male and between 40 and 55 years of age. The results: On average, participants saw a 24 percent improvement in maximum fat burning and an average lactate threshold increase of 7.2 percent. This means that the period during which their bodies were delivering energy from fat was extended, allowing them to maintain a higher level of performance for longer. Conclusion: The right nutrients can be used to support and improve targeted energy delivery. FitLine Munogen and Activize Oxyplus deliver signifi cant results. Jens Roth Vice European Champion Cross-Triathlon ALLOWING YOU TO TRAIN HARDER, LONGER, AND MORE INTENSIVELY! “In December of last year, I took part in a study, which involved a test designed to improve my cycling performance. My trainer Marc Pschebizin and Dr. Tobias Kühne served as advisers on the study. I used FitLine Activize each morning and before key training sessions for one month. In addition, I took 2 capsules of Munogen each morning. The initial study period was one month. After this time, I repeated the performance test on the ergometer with my trainer, and my performance data/values were much better than a month before. Then I maintained the ritual for myself and integrated FitLine Activize and Munogen into my everyday routine, on trips and in my training”. Graphic: 7.2% average increase in lactate threshold. 75