EN FL Sports Catalogue 2021 - Page 7


More fitness , better performance , and quicker recovery
Optimized nutrition must be custom-tailored to the individual athlete . Personal requirements for energy , vitamins and minerals depend on age and sex , as well as the duration , type of sport and intensity of physical and mental strain . Ensuring a sufficient supply of vital substances ( carbohydrates , protein , fat , vitamins , minerals , fibre , bioactive substances , water ) through an individual ’ s basic nutritional intake is key to ensuring performance and fitness .
FitLine supplements : Supplying increased nutritional needs
FitLine responds to the increased nutritional needs of athletes – from weekend warriors to professionals - with a range of supplements that can be combined individually to create optimised sports nutrition for each individual . FitLine Protein Bar or FitLine ProShape ® Amino , for instance , deliver the proteins and amino acids that are so key to building and retaining muscle mass .
How do top athletes rate FitLine ?*
• Good product safety ( included on the Cologne List ®, for instance )
• Optimal effectiveness
• Easy to tolerate
• Good taste
• Extensive product portfolio
• Authenticity , thanks to references from other top athletes
The FitLine Optimal-Set , consisting of the PowerCocktail for energy metabolism * and Restorate for recovery **, to optimise your basic nutritional regimen .
FitLine Generation 50 + is the additive to FitLine PowerCocktail for People over 50 .
* internal survey of over 200 top athletes
Recommendations for using FitLine products for both general and professional athletes are provided on pages 70-72 .
* Rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin C – contribute to a normal energy metabolism