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Activize Oxyplus
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• It is rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin C and helps to normalise the energy metabolism and also normalize the concentration and the level of performance ;
• It stimulates , vitalizes and refreshes .
Maximum oxygen absorption capacity
MEDALS AT THE 2016 SUMMER GAMES MEDALS AT THE 2018 WINTER GAMES FitLine congratulates all athletes on their world class performance! FitLine congratulates all athletes on their world class performance! Kristina Vogel (BDR) Cycling Track / sprint Andreas Wellinger (DSV) Ski jumping (normal hill) Pepo Puch (ÖSH) Riding / Dressage - Single Arnd Peiffer (DSV) Biathlon Sprint (10km) Franziska Weber / Tina Dietze Canoe / 500m two-man kayak David Gleirscher (ÖSH) Sledging 2 seat Franziska Weber / Tina Dietze / Sabrina Hering / Steffi Kriegerstein Eric Frenzel (DSV) Nordic combination normal hill – cross-country skiing Canoe / 500m four-man kayak Eric Frenzel / Johannes Rydzek / Fabian Rießle / Vinzenz Geiger (DSV) Nordic combination – team Martina Willing Handicap track and field / javelin Johannes Rydzek (DSV) Nordic combination large hill – cross-country skiing Pepo Puch (ÖSH) Riding / Dressage freestyle Kamil Stoch (PZN) Ski jumping (large hill) Walter Ablinger (ÖSH) Hand bike / individual time trials Laura Dahlmeier (DSV) Biathlon Sprint (7.5km) Thomas Frühwirth (ÖSH) Hand bike / individual time trials Laura Dahlmeier (DSV) Biathlon pursuit (10km) Mendy Swoboda (ÖSH) Handicap canoe / 200m sprint Marcel Hirscher (ÖSV) Alpine Skiing Super Combination Kristina Vogel / Miriam Welte (BDR) Road cycling / sprint Matthias Mayer (ÖSV) Alpine skiing super-G Yvonne Frank Hockey Andreas Wellinger (DSV) Ski jumping (large hill) Andreas Onea (ÖSH) Handicap swimming / 100m breast stroke Anna Veith (ÖSV) Alpine skiing super-G German national ice hockey team (DEB - 25 players) Ice hockey Günther Matzinger (ÖSH) Handicap track and field / 400m sprint Fabian Rießle (DSV) Nordic combination large hill – cross-country skiing Krisztian Gardos (ÖSH) Handicap table tennis / singles Ski jumping (team jumping) Natalija Eder (ÖSH) Handicap track and field / javelin Karl Geiger / Stephan Leyhe / Richard Freitag / Andreas Wellinger (DSV) Katharina Althaus (DSV) Ski jumping (normal hill) FitLine is the official supplier for nutritional supplements to the following sports federations: ‘DSV’ (German Ski Federation), ‘OESV’ (Austrian Ski Federation), PZN (Polish Ski Federation), Swiss Sliding and ‘BDR’ (German Cyclists Federation). The quality of the FitLine sports nutritional supplements and their exemplary support work for top performance sports have caused the ‘OeSH’-Austrian Sports’ Aid to recommend the FitLine products to its 500 athletes. Katharina Liensberger / Katharina Gallhuber / Michael Matt / Marco Schwarz / Stephanie Brunner / Manuel Feller (ÖSV) Alpine skiing team event mixed Peter Penz / Georg Fischler (Rowing Austria/ÖSH) Sledging Two Seat Simon Schempp (DSV) Biathlon mass start Benedikt Doll (DSV) Biathlon Pursuit (12,5 km) Dominik Landertinger (ÖSV) Biathlon Single (20 km) Eric Frenzel (DSV) Nordic combination large hill – cross-country skiing Erik Lesser / Benedikt Doll / Arnd Peiffer / Simon Schempp (DSV) Biathlon relay The entire FitLine team congratulates all the athletes, because it is wonderful to be able to compete in Winter and Summer Games. Winning a medal is dream for any world-class sportsperson. We wish all athletes continued success and wins. Kamil Stoch / Maciej Kot / Dawid Kubacki / Stefan Hula (PZN) Ski jumping (team jumping) Katharina Gallhuber (ÖSV) Alpine skiing slalom Laura Dahlmeier (DSV) Biathlon single (15km) Lukas Klapfer (ÖSV) Nordic combination normal hill – cross-country skiing Madeleine Egle / David Gleirscher / Peter Penz / Georg Fischler (Rodel Austria / ÖSH) Sledging team competition Michael Matt (ÖSV) Alpine skiing slalom Wilhelm Denifl / Lukas Klapfer / Bernhard Gruber / Mario Seidl (ÖSV) Nordic combination team large hill A strict selection process takes place to qualify for participation in the Summer and Winter Games. From the many tens of thousands who applied, only 7,000 athletes from 159 countries managed to qualify for the Winter Games. Around 10,000 athletes made it to the Summer Games. And in the end only the best of the best received a medal. A total of just 900 medals (Summer Games 2016) and 500 medals (Winter Games 2018) were available for distribution and FitLine was able to congratulate a total of 85 medal winners. 68 69