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34 Experience results .
TESTIMONIALS JaeYoung Jang Håkon Erlandsen Skog World Junior Baseball Championship Top 3 Ranker Men’s Baseball (South Korea) Highest (8848 metres) & coldest (-42 degrees centigrade) concert in the world Mountain Climbing (Norway) Professional Baseball is a sport which requires high level of strength, speed, and concentration. After ingesting FitLine products, I felt defi nite improvement with my conditioning, and also felt my attributes such as endurance and strength improving as well. Moreover, like many other sports, baseball is a sport, which involves a lot of different kinds of injuries. Obviously, some injuries are minor, and some injuries can be considered rather serious. However, after taking FitLine products, I defi nitely felt that I was recovering quicker from these minor injuries than before. However, after taking Restorate, frequency rate of these muscles cramps became substantially low, and made me able go through my training sessions smoothly. I strongly recommend FitLine products to any athletes out there, and even to the general public, who wants to have a healthier lifestyle. I have been using FitLine products since September 2020, and regularly use FitLine Power Cocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Munogen, and Whey. My FitLine advisor is Derek Kim. 66 Experience results. Stanislav Horuna European & World Games Champion Karate (Ukraine) "I started using the FitLine products for my everyday training and the preparation before a competition. From everything I ever tried before the FitLine products suit me the most. In the morning I take FitLine Activize, Basics and Munogen. I use FitLine Restorate before I go to sleep. Altogether they improve my immune and digestive system as well as the energy level. I can feel the effect after using them immediately. They help me to stay energized and well during long periods. That is why I can recommend the products, because I think they are the" best supplements for professional athletes. "During my training and my expeditions my whole body is heavily used. There is a total wear and tear as one day on an expedition lasts up to 18 hours. And when this is repeated over time, the total burden is the challenge. I have previously used another product line and must honestly say that the FitLine products are easier to use and they work more effi ciently! It also seems that FitLine products are clean, because they are produced on a high-quality level. My favorite product is Munogen. Oxygen level in the body is a very important success factor that is crucial to the outcome of an expedition. With my use of Munogen, I climbed Mount Everest without problem and altitude sickness. As part of my expeditions, I play saxophone on top, which is extremely demanding for lung function in the thin air. So far, I have managed to do this." I have been using the FitLine products since February 2019 and regularly use FitLine PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Munogen, Protein and PowerMeal. My FitLine advisor is PM-International Norway. Anton Saeten Silver Medal Free Ski Cup West Norway - Freestyle Skiing (Norway) In 2015 I was introduced to FitLine and I have stayed strong and healthy ever since. Now I do Free Skiing. FitLine gives me the focus I need when I hit the biggest jumps and it helps me stay injury free and well recovered. I love the products and it is part of my everyday habit like brushing my teeth. I take the Optimal-Set, ProShape® (Amino), Heart-Duo and Munogen. Protein and PowerMeal are perfect "fast-food" in my backpack when I am skiing. I have been using FitLine products since January 2020 and regularly use FitLine Basics, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate and Munogen. I have been using FitLine products since Spring 2015 and regularly use FitLine Basics, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, ProShape® (Amino), Heart- Duo, Fitness-Drink, Protein, PowerMeal and Munogen. My FitLine advisor is PM-International Ukraine. My FitLine advisor is Berit Saeten. 67