EN FL Sports Catalogue 2021 - Page 64

Ivan Dodig
French Open Champion Doubles Tennis ( Croatia )
“ I take all of my FitLine products daily , and I can tell my body appreciates it . The PowerCocktail gives me more energy and endurance during training and hard matches . I feel more focused and more balanced . FitLine products really help me recharge my batteries ”.
I have been using FitLine products since April 2015 , and regularly use FitLine PowerCocktail , Activize Oxyplus , Fitness-Drink , ProShape 2 go White Choco Slim , Protein , ProShape ® ( Amino ), Antioxy ( Zellschutz ), Basen Plus and Restorate .
My FitLine advisors are Patrick Kohler and Lutz Lorenz .
Sarah Tan
Gold Medal 12.3 km Paracycling / Triathlon ( Singapore )
“ I am a triathlete and member of the cycling and paracycling national team . The products taste good and are water-soluble , so your body can absorb them easily . My favourite products are Q10 , Omega 3 and Activize Oxyplus . This trio works great together and keeps me fit and awake . I always take them before my races to get a quick boost of energy , since many races involve sprinting ”.
I have been using FitLine products since June 2017 , and regularly use FitLine Basics , Activize Oxyplus , Restorate , Q10 and Omega 3 .
My FitLine advisor is Ng Chee Yeng .
TESTIMONIALS Mario Zwingmann Philipp Kohlschreiber WFF Mr Universe Pro Sports Model Natural Bodybuilding (USA) BMW Open Champion and Davis Cup Team – Tennis (Germany) “I use Activize around 15 minutes before working out, or between my fi rst two meals, alongside Munogen. Munogen is relatively new, and I totally love it. On non-workout days I drink Restorate an hour before going to bed. Another product I would recommend is Heart- Duo, which combines great-tasting and effective Omega 3 with Q10 to protect my cardiovascular system. It also has positive effects on my skin”. I have been using FitLine products since June 2016, and regularly use FitLine Activize Oxyplus, Basics, Restorate, ProShape®(Amino), Heart-Duo and Munogen. My FitLine advisor is Marzena Jonak. Markus Hörmann Ironman Barcelona 08:15:23h – Triathlon (Germany) “FitLine provides extremely good support for my metabolism! With long distances, in particular, it is unbelievably important to ensure your body gets everything it needs. With FitLine, I can get everything my cells need to maintain a great acid-base balance and make me much more energetic. Of course, FitLine doesn’t replace balanced nutrition. But FitLine is my absolute best “secret weapon” for balancing out the defi cits caused by the denaturalization of our food supply”. I have been using FitLine products since July 2015, and regularly use FitLine PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Heart-Duo Vegan, Joint-Health, Munogen and Feel Good Yoghurt Drink. My FitLine advisor is Manfred Hohenleitner. “For me as a professional athlete, good and balanced nutrition is essential. Of course, this includes high-quality nutritional supplements as well. As a professional tennis player, I am on the go almost all year round, and sometimes it can be tough to get balanced nutrition. But with products from FitLine I have just the supplement I need – even on the other side of the world.” I have been using FitLine products since December 2007, and regularly use FitLine Basics, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Fitness- Drink, Protein and ProShape 2 go Choco Slim. My FitLine advisor is Claude Simon. Hans-Peter Durst Multiple Gold Medal Winner Summer Games individual time trials/Road racing – Paracycling three-wheeled cycles (Germany) “FitLine products have been a fi ed part of my intensive training months, training camps and paracycling championships for years. I am impressed by and excited about FitLine products. As a passionate professional athlete, these products are clearly structured, easy to integrate into my everyday training, and a great choice even for travelling to competitions and for training camp. My absolute favorite products are the White Choco Slim bars as a treat, fruit bars, which I keep in my back pocket during every training session. The Feel Good Yoghurt is just fantastic – a great way to rejuvenate your gut fl ora every day. FitLine – an ideal partner for me and my concept of “Konnichiwa Tokyo 2021– Machikirenai !!!” – on the road to Tokyo 2021”. I have been using FitLine products since December 2016, and regularly use Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Joint-Health, Heart Duo, Feel Good Yoghurt & Yoghurt Drink, Basen Plus, ProShape 2 go Choco Slim and fruit bars. My FitLine advisor is Team PM-International Germany. 64 65