EN FL Sports Catalogue 2021 - Page 62

Enis Hajri
Professional Soccer Player ( Germany )
“ I chose FitLine for a number of different reasons . For me as a professional soccer player it is important to have a quick regeneration phase , to live healthily and for all my supplements to be doping free which is the case with FitLine . My favorite FitLine product is Activize . I take it every morning along with Basics because both have no side effects and they give me a good start to the day . As a soccer player I like to snack and the solution for this issue is the Chocolate Slim bar . You can even use it as a meal between meals . My immune system has improved since I started using the FitLine products and as an athlete , I notice that when I am totally worn out and use the products then I am able to give my all again the next day .”
I have been using FitLine products since June 2012 and regularly use FitLine PowerCocktail , Activize Oxyplus , Basics , Restorate , Fitness- Drink , ProShape 2 Go Choco Slim and White Choco Slim .
My FitLine advisor is PM-International Speyer .
Beat Hefti
Gold Medal , Winter Games 2-man Bobsleigh ( Switzerland )
“ FitLine products provide me with optimal daily support . Faster recovery times and increased performance are especially important to us as endurance athletes and is key in bobsleigh . I have seen a general improvement in my well-being , allowing me to perform at my peak longer during training and competition . Thanks to FitLine products , I have been able to overcome cartilage problems in my knees - today I am pain-free !”
I have been using FitLine products since 2006 , and regularly use PowerCocktail , Restorate Citrus & Exotic , Antioxy ( Zellschutz ), Joint- Health , Heart Duo and Protein bars .
My FitLine advisor is Daniel Hayoz .
32 Experience results .
TESTIMONIALS Bruno Spengler Dmitriy Zhelyabin DTM-Champion Motorsports (Canada) Vice European Champion Pole vaulting (Russia) “I chose FitLine products because they are reliable, simple and effi cient. The products have helped me with my joint problems. That is why I use Joint-Health from FitLine regularly.” “I am impressed by FitLine products, since there is such a wide variety of products available. I mix the FitLine PowerCocktail with Q10 and Omega 3, which is a great way to start my day. The fruit bars give me a boost of energy throughout the day and are my absolute favorite bar.” I have been using FitLine products since January of 2007, and regularly use FitLine Basics, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Fitness- Drink, Basen Plus, Omega 3+E, Q10 Plus, fruit bars and Protein. My FitLine advisor team is Günther Beck, and PM-International Germany. I have been using FitLine products since May 2018, and regularly use FitLine Joint-Health, Restorate, Activize Oxyplus, Basics, Pro-Shape® (Amino). Yvonne Haug World Champion Pole Sport and Pole Artistic - Pole Sport (Germany) My FitLine advisor is PM-International Russia. Carolin Schäfer Vice-World Champion Heptathlon (Germany) “In pole sports, athletes are expected to deliver four minutes of top performance. The training is extremely extensive and puts the body under every kind of stress. It primarily consists of weight and endurance training, as well as improving and maintaining fl exibility, although cognitive performance also plays a major role. FitLine helped me improve my general well- being (concentration and body sensation) and balance out specifi c muscular imbalances very quickly”. "Heptathlon means to perform on two full days at the energy limit. I depend on a continuous basic care throughout the day. Fast and reliable energy between disciplines gives me the Activize Oxyplus." I have been using FitLine products since September 2018, and regularly use FitLine Activize Oxyplus, PowerCocktail, Restorate, Fitness-Drink, ProShape® (Amino) and Protein. My FitLine advisor is Rainer Scholtz. I have been using FitLine products since May 2014, and regularly use Activize Oxyplus Sensitive, Restorate, Fitness-Drink, Protein, PowerMeal, ProShape 2 go Choco and White Choco Slim. My FitLine advisor team is Christiane and Peter Sgolik. 62 Experience results. 63