EN FL Sports Catalogue 2021 - Page 48

Carolin Schäfer Vice World Champion Heptathlon
TESTIMONIALS Rivaldo Vitor Borba Ferreira Wong Wai Kin Mount Everest and Mount Lhotse summiteer - Mountaineer & Adventure Sports (Hongkong) World Champion & World soccer player – Soccer (Brazil) "Being a Mount Everest 8,848m and Mount Lhotse 8,516m summiteer, and an international endurance athlete, I need to push my body and mind to the farthest possible limit. FitLine nutritional supplement products give me energy and good condition to make diffi cult things really possible". I have been using the FitLine products since May 2019 and regularly use Activize Oxyplus, Basics and Fitness-Drink. My FitLine advisor is Michelle Cheng. 48 “I got to know the FitLine nutritional supplements through a personal contact and was immediately convinced of the results. I also appreciate the quality, the tolerability and the commitment to a clean sport. Even after my professional career I would like to stay fi t and the FitLine products help me to achieve this”. Hanna Orthmann Winner Challenge Cup Volleyball (Italy) I have been using FitLine products since 2020 and regularly use FitLine PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus and Restorate. My FitLine advisor is PM-International Americas. Mariana Mohammad TRI-Factor Asian Championship Series - Duathlon (Malaysia) “I started using the optimal set some time ago. I like the taste a lot especially the PowerCocktail mixed with some Activize. It gives me energy in the morning. After a lot of practice and workout I like to take Restorate in the evening for a better recovery. Optimal set combined with other products like Munogen and the Fitness Drink are helping me to improve my performance as an athlete and to recover faster”. "As a sport person, it is important that all the supplements that I consume are safe and doping free. I chose FitLine supplements (Optimal set and Fitness Drink) because the products are easily digested, taste reasonably good and it came in easy packaging or sachets enable me to carry it wherever I go. FitLine Activize works tremendously by boosting my energy level and I am able to race confi dently while FitLine Restorate works really well. I defi nitely recommend FitLine products to other athletes". I have been using FitLine products since December 2018 and regularly use FitLine PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Fitness-Drink, ProShape® (Amino) and Munogen. I have been using FitLine products since April 2013 and regularly use FitLine Basics, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate und Fitness-Drink. My FitLine advisor is Emilio Scuteri. My FitLine advisor is Paul Yung. 49