EN FL Sports Catalogue 2021 - Page 46

Mag . Gernot Uhlir
Managing Director of Österreichische Sporthilfe ( ÖSH - Austrian Sport Aid Foundation )
“ Austrian Sport Aid Foundation is a point of contact for Austria ’ s top athletes and young talents with and without disabilities , offering them a professional environment to help boost their efficiency . The Sport Aid Foundation counts on our strong partnership with FitLine and provides FitLine product lines to Sport Aid Foundation athletes . Thanks to the broad range of FitLine products available , our athletes can address their own specific needs in a targeted fashion , covering all of their requirements for added minerals and nutrients . Of course , excellent product safety and regular quality and anti-doping controls are essential as well . Austrian Sport Aid Foundation serves as a platform for supplying our athletes with top quality products from FitLine , providing them the best possible support as they work to be the best in the world ”.
We receive support from the PM-International Austria FitLine team and Claude Simon .
24 Experience results .
TESTIMONIALS Christian Schwarzer Yuri Yoshida World Champion Handball (Germany) 4th place World Ladies Championship Salonpas – Golf - (Taiwan) “FitLine helps me perform better and improves my immune defenses. FitLine Activize, and the Fitness-Drink in particular, have helped me a lot in my run for the title and my active career. I still use FitLine Basics, Activize, Fitness-Drink, Joint-Health and Restorate every day”. "I am having the Fitness-Drink when playing Golf and it shows by greatly contributing to my performance." I have been using the FitLine products since 2020 and regularly use FitLine PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, ProShape® (Amino), Antioxy (Zellschutz), Beauty, Joint-Health. I have been using FitLine products since October 1998, and regularly use FitLine Fitness-Drink, PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Joint-Health, ProShape® (Amino), Antioxy (Zellschutz), Fruit Bars, Protein and Generation 50+. My FitLine advisor is PM-International Taiwan. Yvonne Ruch Multiple World Champion Bowling (Germany) My FitLine advisor team is Detlev Hebel and Klaus Christiani. Fu Fang Zyun Gold Medal NanGun Men's Wushu (Malaysia) “I became familiar with FitLine products in June of 2015. Even after taking them for just a short time, I realized I felt much better. I perform much better despite maintaining the same training load and feel a lot more energy and power. My concentration during competitions has improved signifi cantly, and my performance is more consistent and better, especially thanks to the Fitness-Drink, which I use before, during and after training or competitions”. “Before I started taking FitLine products, I felt tired very quickly after just two and a half hours of training. The FitLine Fitness-Drink improved my endurance while shortening my recovery time from fi ve to three minutes after a training session”. I have been using FitLine products since June 2015, and regularly use FitLine Fitness-Drink, PowerCocktail, Restorate, Antioxy (Zellschutz), Activize Oxyplus, Joint-Health and ProShape® (Amino). My FitLine advisor is Master Ro Bin, Ho. I have been using FitLine products since March 2016, and regularly use FitLine Fitness-Drink, Activize Oxyplus, Basics and Restorate. My FitLine advisor is Christian Reuter. 46 47