EN FL Sports Catalogue 2021 - Page 40

Brodie Seger
Nor-Am Cup Super G overall title Alpine Skiing ( Canada )
" As an alpine athlete it is very important to eat properly and to regenerate , which can be a challenge if you are constantly on the move during the competition season . The FitLine products have helped me feel more energetic , regenerate faster , regulate my digestion and strengthen my immune system . I am very pleased to be working with FitLine because I know that their products are safe for athletes and stand for high performance ."
I have been using the FitLine products since April 2020 and regularly use FitLine Basics , Activize Oxyplus , Restorate and Fitness-Drink
My FitLine advisor is PM-International Canada
Yuliya Olishevska
European Champion 4 x 400m relay Track and Field ( Ukraine )
" Currently I am in the maternity leave , I recover and want to get in good shape to get back . For around 1 month I use the FitLine products : Activize , Basics and Restorate . What I want to mention - during the month I have been following all the rules how to take the products . I didn ’ t take anything except of these products , because I wanted to experience them in the right way and get to know the complete effect of these products . I want to mention that my productivity has increased . Morning training used to be very difficult for me . It took time for me to wake up , and I needed to do some speed work . During almost the whole month I was able to do this , and I think it is because of the FitLine products . I began to recover very well . And , I can mention a very good effect for me - after a morning glass of FitLine Activize and Basics I didn ’ t want to eat for a long time . I was full and until lunch I could not eat anything else . So , I can recommend the products to everyone , I like them very much and I will keep restoring and show high results together with FitLine ."
I have been using the FitLine products since June 2020 and regularly use FitLine Activize Oxyplus , Basics and Restorate
My FitLine advisor is PM-International Ukraine
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