EN FL Sports Catalogue 2021 - Page 37

Dominique Heintz
Professional Soccer Player ( Germany )
“ FitLine products give me a feeling of greater well-being . I feel more relaxed and fitter after taking the products . Taking Activize Oxyplus gives me a lot more energy , whether while I am training or during a game . It increases my concentration and power . It is important for me to feel fit again and to recover quickly ”.
I have been using FitLine products since 2018 , and regularly use FitLine Basics , Activize Oxyplus , Restorate , Munogen , Fitness-Drink and ProShape ® ( Amino ).
My FitLine advisor is Dirk Theobald .
Konstantin Schad
Vice President Sport Snowboard Germany ( SNBGER )
“ I saw very positive effects from FitLine products after just a few weeks , and I have been impressed ever since . After many years in endurance sports , I saw up to a 10 percent increase in performance in almost every area in my first season preparing with FitLine . That ’ s not normal ”.
I have been using FitLine products since May 2013 , and regularly use FitLine Activize Oxyplus , PowerCocktail , ProShape ® ( Amino ), Restorate , Basen Plus and Fitness-Drink .
My FitLine advisor is Martin Majhenic .