EN FL Sports Catalogue 2021 - Page 33

Ivan Dodig
French Open Champion Doubles Tennis ( Croatia )
“ I take all of my FitLine products daily , and I can tell my body appreciates it . The PowerCocktail gives me more energy and endurance during training and hard matches . I feel more focused and more balanced . FitLine products really help me recharge my batteries ”.
I have been using FitLine products since April 2015 , and regularly use FitLine PowerCocktail , Activize Oxyplus , Fitness-Drink , ProShape 2 go White Choco Slim , Protein , ProShape ® ( Amino ), Antioxy ( Zellschutz ), Basen Plus and Restorate .
My FitLine advisors are Patrick Kohler and Lutz Lorenz .
Sarah Tan
Gold Medal 12.3 km Paracycling / Triathlon ( Singapore )
“ I am a triathlete and member of the cycling and paracycling national team . The products taste good and are water-soluble , so your body can absorb them easily . My favourite products are Q10 , Omega 3 and Activize Oxyplus . This trio works great together and keeps me fit and awake . I always take them before my races to get a quick boost of energy , since many races involve sprinting ”.
I have been using FitLine products since June 2017 , and regularly use FitLine Basics , Activize Oxyplus , Restorate , Q10 and Omega 3 .
My FitLine advisor is Ng Chee Yeng .