EN FL Sports Catalogue 2021 - Page 3



“ Knowing that our hard work is paying off fills me with happiness , satisfaction , pride and humility . I am proud to know that our FitLine products are improving peoples ’ lives and helping support so many successful careers of top athletes worldwide .”
Health and performance are two key pillars of living a happy and fulfilled life . Performance is key , especially for athletes . This means being able to access the performance you need at the right moment , as well as to recover quickly . Two keyways to influence the careers of top athletes is to protect their bodies and give them all the vital nutrients and minerals they need . These athletes compete under a strict regimen of antidoping regulations - failing to observe these regulations could end their sports careers in an instant . In short : food is fuel for our bodies . But how can competitive athletes safely and reliably meet their needs for vital nutrients and minerals ? That kind of nutrition takes a lot of time ( time that takes away from their training ). It also takes extensive knowledge about the human body and the latest research . This can be an almost impossible challenge , even for highly paid top athletes with a good support team . Our solution is called FitLine . With our FitLine products , we have developed a solution for fulfilling athletes ’ nutritional needs , offering best results , maximum safety and the highest quality .
Our products are built on the foundation of the latest scientific findings , backed by a team of experts that is the only one of its kind in the world . We offer one hundred percent security our athletes can trust - and we have done so for over 20 years . This PM-International sports catalogue is unique . I don ’ t know of any other company in the world with such a large portfolio of athletes who are fans of their products and willing to publicly endorse them in this way . And we are only able to include a fraction of all of our FitLine athletes in this catalogue . I am proud to offer you this newest edition of the PM-International sports catalogue . For our athletes , it serves as confirmation that they have the right , reliable partner on their team . For our distribution partners , it is motivation and a tool for inspiring even more athletes and sports fans to try our products .
I want to wish all of our FitLine athletes a successful 2021 !
Rolf Sorg Founder and CEO of PM-International AG