EN FL Sports Catalogue 2021 - Page 24

Mag . Gernot Uhlir
Managing Director of Österreichische Sporthilfe ( ÖSH - Austrian Sport Aid Foundation )
“ Austrian Sport Aid Foundation is a point of contact for Austria ’ s top athletes and young talents with and without disabilities , offering them a professional environment to help boost their efficiency . The Sport Aid Foundation counts on our strong partnership with FitLine and provides FitLine product lines to Sport Aid Foundation athletes . Thanks to the broad range of FitLine products available , our athletes can address their own specific needs in a targeted fashion , covering all of their requirements for added minerals and nutrients . Of course , excellent product safety and regular quality and anti-doping controls are essential as well . Austrian Sport Aid Foundation serves as a platform for supplying our athletes with top quality products from FitLine , providing them the best possible support as they work to be the best in the world ”.
We receive support from the PM-International Austria FitLine team and Claude Simon .
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