EN FL Sports Catalogue 2021 - Page 18

Ingo Meckes
Sports Director of the Swiss Handball Federation ( SHV )
“ For these athletes , playing on the national team is a heavy workload in addition to their normal league schedules . Lots of games are held over a short period of time , and the team needs to train intensively for them . They are subject to extremely high physical and mental strain during these periods . Optimal nutrition is a key foundation for achieving our athletic goals and improving our performance through targeted training . To do so , we need a flexible and competent partner , we are glad that flexible products provide such perfect support , with outstanding anti-doping security ”.
Our athletes ’ favorite product : ProShape 2 go White Choco Slim . We have been using FitLine products since October 2012 , and regularly use
FitLine Basics , PowerCocktail , Activize Oxyplus , Restorate , Fitness-Drink , ProShape 2 go White Choco Slim , Protein and Fruit bars .
We receive support from the PM-International AG FitLine team ( Switzerland ).
Our major sporting successes
18 Experience results .
6 participations in the World Handball Championship
10 participations in the European / World Championship for young players since 2010
2004 European championship : 12th place ,
European Championship qualification 2020 , 16th place
1996 Summer Games : 7th place