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Horst Meinhardt
Developer of and expert in cosmetic formulations and process technology ; specialist for combinations of natural ingredients , consultant and developer of patented procedures and products .
Dr . Bernard Cher
Asia Pacific Director of Science . Doctor of immunology and molecular diagnostics , with multiple years of corporate and academic experience in world-renowned top institutions . International expert speaker for product academies , national , and international congresses of PM-International . An avid athlete , experienced marathon runner , holds a 3rd degree black belt in taekwondo . Passionate about nutrition and product innovation .
Dr . Jürgen Reimann
Publicly appointed and sworn expert for the delimitation of medicinal products / food , food supplements and dietetic foods . Specialized pharmacist for drug information and pharmaceutical analytics .
Markus Herrmann
Manager Product Development and Laboratory . Business Chemist with focus on the development of product concepts for nutritional supplements .
Dr . Raimund Abele
Graduate chemist , head of product safety , company data protection officer , specialist for European regulatory authorities ( HCVO , REACh ), specialist for legal product evaluation ( health claims , EFSA , etc .), hazardous substance coordinator ( GefStoffV , REACh ), former head of application technology and patents ( Boehringer Ingelheim ).
Dr . Marcus Iken
Doctor of Oecotrophology with focus on nutritional sciences ( human nutrition , aspects of weight reduction , sports nutrition , and patient nutrition / dietetics ), expert in bioavailability and cell research , Manager Science and Research , co-author of various scientific publications including in “ Nature and Nutrients ”, inventor of patented innovations in the FitLine product line , international expert speaker for product academies , national , and international congresses of PM-International .
Dr . Peter Pfortner
Certified food chemist ; attorney at law specializing in foodstuffs and cosmetics ; expert in the registration of medical products and medicines for medium sized pharmaceutical companies ; self-employed expert in foodstuffs , cosmetics , medicines and medical products ; Involved in planning and supervisiting studies on the effectiveness and safety of foodstuffs and cosmetics .
Prof . Dr . Manfred Eggersdorfer
Chemist with a doctorate in organic chemistry from the Technical University of Munich . Chairman of the Board of the “ Gesellschaft für angewandte Vitaminforschung e . V .” ( Society for Applied Vitamin Research ), former long-time head of the research and development department for vitamins at Roche and DSM . Professor of Healthy Aging at the University Medical Center Groningen ( NL ). Scientific focus is the study of the role of essential nutrients in health , vitality , and well-being , especially on the effects of inadequate intake and status of micronutrients across the life cycle , with an emphasis on long-term health and healthy aging . Author of numerous publications , reviewer for a variety of journals , and Associate Editor of the “ International Journal of Vitamin and Nutrition Research ”.
Katrin Seifarth
Expert in brand development and marketing ; former Brand Manager for the brands Ellen Betrix and Olaz at consumer products giant Procter & Gamble ; management trainer and presenter for several prestigious cosmetics companies .
Anja Wunder
Head of FitLine skin & med line , certified cosmetician ccd , responsible for product management and marketing , international expert speaker for product academies , national , and international congresses of PM-International .
Dr . Rudi Wajda
A graduate chemist . Developer of carrier systems based on natural products for cosmetics and food supplement . Development of natural cosmetics based on natural emulsifiers . Member of DGK ( German Society for Scientific and Applied Cosmetics ).
Torsten Weber
Director Sports Marketing ; business studies graduate ; years of practical experience in network marketing ; involved in competitive sports for many years .
Dr . Andreas Boettcher
Graduate of the University of Richmond with B . S in Health & Exercise Science and Doctor of Chiropractic with special emphasis on nutrition , sports performance and supplementation , including formulation . International keynote speaker for corporate events , product academies and appearances for TV / Video production
Prof . Dr . Julian Weghuber
Professor of molecular cell physiology and principal investigator Biologist with a scientific background in biophysics . Head Center of Excellence Food Technology and Nutrition at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria ( FH OÖ ). Research focus in the field of development and validation of high-tech applications to characterize the effects of phytochemicals at the molecular level . Author of various publications in high-ranking journals such as “ Nutrients ”. Awards : Young Scientist Award 2012 , Innovation Award 2015 ( FH OÖ ), and 1st prize in the Upper Austria Health Cluster “ GC-Genius ” 2013 . Collaborator , coordinator , and leader of research projects based on applied science including the joint projects “ PhytoStar ”, FFoQSI , and Josef- Ressel-Zentrum of FH OÖ and as partner of PM-International .
Wilhelm Messer
Qualified nutritional chemist ; Head of Product Development and Regulatory Affairs ; inventor of patented technical improvements ; expert for international product licensing ; expert in nutritional analysis with sound experience in a leading position in laboratories for nutritional and environmental analysis and environmental medicine .