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FitLine microSolve ® Omega 3

Brain ¹ Function

FitLine microSolve ® Omega 3 supports your normal brain function ¹
• With 100 % plant-based Omega 3 from high quality microalgae
• For a normal brain function ¹
• 100 % free of fish & fishy taste
• Ecological and sustainable
30 Day Supply | 0712052
FitLine microSolve ® Q10 Plus

Supply your Body with Q10

Coenzyme Q10 decreases with age and is important for the functioning of many organs . FitLine microSolve ® Q10 Plus supplies your body with Q10 .
• Increased bioavailability of nutrients because of the unique microSolve ® technology
• NTC ® supports optimal nutrient intake
• Improved bioavailability through the unique microSolve ® technology .
• With antioxidant ²
30 Day Supply | 0712014
¹ Contains DHA , which contribute to a normal brain function , from just 250mg a day . | ² With vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress .
60 | Charity | 61 Help to self-help for children PM-International wants to change people’s lives for the better. This principal is put in practice in our day to day business and also outside of it. Our long and confident cooperation with the aid organization World Vision is marked by an active and sustainable way of thinking that has already led to over 3000 sponsorships by PM-International. “Everyone is helping us to make a better life possible for people on the other side of the world: both our customers and our business partners. We have added a contribution that is donated into each product. That means our wellness and cosmetics products help to improve the quality of life of people here and also there. We are making it possible for these children to get an education and gain access to medical care and are helping whole village communities long-term: aid to self-help,“ states Rolf Sorg and his wife Vicki added “and it is great to see how everyone is pulling together, and what we already have achieved.“ As our customer, you are contributing!