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Scientific Expert Team

Scientific Expert Team

Dr . Bernard Cher
Horst Meinhardt
Dr . Tobias Kühne Wilhelm Messer
Dr . Jürgen Reimann
Markus Herrmann
Professor Dr . Julian Weghuber
Dr . Raimund Abele
Dr . Andreas Boettcher
Dr . Marcus Iken Torsten Weber
Dr . Rudi Wajda
Katrin Seifarth
Anja Wunder
Dr . Peter Pfortner
Prof . Dr . Manfred Eggersdorfer
The scientific expert team consists of experienced experts with different special knowledge . With this know-how , PM-International ensures that the product quality always meets the highest requirements – from the formulation to the production .
Chief Scientific Officer for the FitLine Product Line

Dr . Tobias Kühne

Chief Scientific Officer of the entire FitLine Product Line ; international expert speaker for product academies , national , and international congresses of PM-International . General practitioner with many additional qualifications including nutrition , sports , and naturopathic medicine . Former premier league Coach of the German Basketball Association ( women , training license A ), inventor of patented innovations in the FitLine Product Line .