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FitLine microSolve ® HeartDuo & Omega 3

For Your Heart ¹ and Brain ²

FitLine microSolve ® HeartDuo
“ Heart Duo is an amazing product . The NEW Heart Duo Vegan has no impact on the oceans or marine life . By using Heart Duo Vegan , you are doing yourself and our planet a favor . ”
Camilla Andersson Sweden
FitLine microSolve ® HeartDuo

Heart ¹ and Brain ² Functions

FitLine Omega 3 & microSolve ® Q10 in a perfectly combined dosage in just one product to support your brain ² & heart ¹. FitLine Heart Duo contains EPA and DHA . DHA contributes to the normal function of the brain ² with just two portions a day , and EPA contributes to the normal function of the heart ¹ with just two portions a day .
• NTC ® supports optimal nutrient intake
• With EPA & DHA for Brain ² & Heart ¹ maintenance
• With antioxidant ³
• with microalgae
30 Day Supply | 0712060 Autoship | 9712231

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¹ EPA and DHA contribute to the normal function of the heart from just 250mg a day . | ² Contains DHA , which contribute to a normal brain function , from just 250mg a day . | ³ Vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress .
58 | | 59 Premium Products Best Results, Highest Quality and Maximum Safety Best Results: The Nutrient Transport Concept - NTC® The Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC®) delivers the nutrients exactly when they are needed and where they are needed – to the cellular level, from inside and out. In the FitLine nutritional supplement products the Nutrient Transport Concept, NTC, supports optimized nutrient intake so increasing nutrients’ bioavailability. The FitLine cosmetic products support the skin’s natural regeneration processes. Bioavailable ingredients such as carotenoids and thiotaine are channeled straight into the skin quickly and develop their anti-aging effect there. With FitLine you will feel and experience results on a daily basis that will thrill you. Highest Quality For us, premium stands for transparency and quality. Therefore, our products are “Made in Germany” and produced according to GMP, a standard of the pharmaceutical industry. Our product quality is tested regularly and independently by ELAB Analytik GmbH. An Information by ELAB Analytik GmbH (Issue 03/2022) ELAB Analytik GmbH, a professional laboratory service provider, has successfully been working in the food, water and environmental analytics field as well as medical laboratory services for many years. The regular and independent analytics of selected parameters, conducted by ELAB Analytik GmbH on a regular basis, complement the manufacturer‘s own product controls. The quick and accurate analysis of a wide variety of samples as well as the expert advice from clients are among our most key business skills. * Maximum Safety FitLine offers maximum safety by having all our products tested regularly and independently by ELAB Analytik GmbH. We are committed to clean sports, therefore all our nutritional supplements are listed on the Cologne List®. We aim for a natural product experience: Our whole FitLine Nutrition Product Range Natural Sweeteners Free of Preservatives Natural Flavors * All the FitLine nutritional supplement products are on the Cologne List ® . That list publishes products that have been tested by one of the World‘s leading laboratories for analyzing ­ utritional supplements for doping substances. More ­information can be found under: www.koelnerliste.com n