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28 | Special products
FitLine Activize ® Power Drink

Energy ¹ Drink for Power ²

FitLine Activize Power Drink in a practical 250ml ( 8.45 fl . oz .) can . Support your normal energy level ¹ with an ice-cold drink .
• NTC ® supports optimal nutrient intake
• For energy ¹ and power ²
6 x 250 ml | 9712057
FitLine Fruit Bar

The Natural Snack

A snack made with high-quality fruits such as apples , pears , and cereals . The FitLine Fruit Bar is the ideal snack for school , sports , office , or when traveling .
• With high-quality dried fruits
• With Fibers
15 Bars | 9711059
¹ Rich in Vitamin B6 – contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism . | ² Vitamin B2 and Niacin – contribute to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue .
54 | FitLine med | 55 FitLine microSolve® Hair+ Set For Your Hair¹ Systemic and multifuntional approach from inside and outside to provide high quality, nutrients for your hair¹ - with improved bioavailability through the exclusive microSolve® technology. FitLine microSolve® Hair+: • Synergistic combination of high bioavailable natural plant oils and antioxidants • Made with a unique nutritional complex of 6 traditional herbal ingredients • With biotin, that contributes to the maintenance of normal hair • Deliciously smooth taste, natural orange fl avor FitLine med microSolve® Hair+: • Exclusive microSolve® oil-complex to support the activation of the scalp and hair¹ follicles • With curcuma longa & biotin • Fast-absorbing & non-greasy FitLine microSolve® Hair+ Phase I 2x FitLine microSolve® Hair+ 1x FitLine med microSolve® Hair+ In the fi rst 90 days of use Set I 97001242 FitLine microSolve® Hair+ Phase II 1x FitLine microSolve® Hair+I 1x FitLine med microSolve® Hair+ After 90 days of use Set | 97001241 FitLine microSolve® Hair+ 100 ml | 0712053 FitLine med microSolve® Hair+ 100 ml | 0116076 ¹ With biotin, that contributes to the maintenance of normal hair. FitLine microSolve® Hair+ “This is me, the brunette version of Rapunzel! I’ve always been a lover of long, shiny and black hair. So, I’m very happy because of the amazing FitLine products like the microSolve® Hair+ Set from inside and out. The results are sensational. My hair is softer, I don’t need to cut it that often and I don’t even have split ends!” Gemma Biancadi Italy