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FitLine IB⁵ on the go

Your Daily Companion for Your Body ’ s Defenses ¹

Feel supported by the natural strength from extracts of Thyme , Mint , Ginger , Grapes , Cloves and Yeast Betaglucan . With the pocket-sized FitLine IB⁵ , you are always ready to use it – whenever you need it . Support your cells ² and your body ’ s defenses ¹ every day .
FitLine IB⁵ is rich in Vitamin A , Riboflavin , and Biotin , all of which contribute to the maintenance of a normal mucous membrane ³.
• NTC ® supports optimal nutrient intake
• Supports you immune system ¹
• With antioxidants ²
• Maintains normal mucous membranes ³
• Pocket-sized
30 Day Supply | 0709055
FitLine IB⁵
I really have fallen in love with the new FitLine IB5 ! It tastes incredibly great and refreshes my breath every time I use it . I use it when I go shopping or to the gym or other places where I meet lots of people . And by the way , IB⁵ is also the perfect gift for the people you care about !”
Elisabeth Flatabø Norway
¹ Vitamin A , Vitamin D , Vitamin B12 contributes to the normal function of the immune system . | ² Vitamin E contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress . | ³ Vitamin A , Riboflavin , Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes .
44 | FitLine skin | 45 FitLine skin Cleansing Lotion & Tonic Totally Fresh! Totally Clean! As the basis for the FitLine skin, the cleansing products prepare your skin optimally for the subsequent care. Make-up, sweat, excess sebum and dead skin cells are removed gently and thoroughly without attacking the skin’s natural protective barrier. Pineapple extract clears the skin, chamomile extract and panthenol pamper and soothe. Experience a pleasant feeling of freshness and a noticeably clear and visibly refi ned complexion. FitLine skin Cleansing Lotion The innovative combination of gel and milk gives your skin a pleasant feeling. It frees the pores from make-up, dead skin cells and excess sebum. For clean, clear and refi ned skin without sensation of tightness. 200 ml | 0116069 FitLine skin Tonic The clearing tonic hydrates the skin after cleansing and optimally prepares it for subsequent care. For intensively fresh and clear skin. 200 ml | 0116007 FitLine skin Young Care Set Extra Care For Young Skin The perfect care for young skin up to 30 years! Experience silk-soft and balanced skin Set | 9116436 06 FitLine skin Young Care Cleansing Foam 2019 The gentle cleansing foam frees off make-up, dirt and excess skin fat. Experience a clean, clear and indescribably silky soft skin. 150 ml | 0116081 FitLine skin Young Care Balancing Cream FitLine skin Cleansing Lotion & Tonic “No matter if I’m at home or on tour in the camper van - my FitLine skin products are always with me. For the cleansing I use every morning and evening the Cleansing Lotion and the Cleansing Tonic. With these two products, my make-up and all kinds of dirt are removed completely.” Sabine Lindemann Germany The balancing cream optimally moisturizes normal skin and combination skin. An intelligent, natural active ingredient complex balances the skin and perfects the skin’s image. Natural biofl avonoids protect against premature skin aging. For a radiant skin and a supple feeling. 50 ml | 0116082 FitLine skin Young Care Peeling-Mask 2-in-1 peeling mask for a radiantly even and supple skin and a refi ned skin. In a fi rst step, the gentle exfoliation with biodegradable exfoliating bodies removes dead skin cells and stimulates microcirculation. In the second step, the clarifying alumina mask absorbs excess sebum and refi nes the pores. 100 ml | 0116083 FitLine skin Young Care In the FitLine skin & med beauty products, I was particularly impressed by the Young Care Set for skin up to 30 years. I use the Cleansing Foam, the Peeling Mask and the Balancing Cream. I’m totally satisfi ed and convinced of the products! I can only recommend everyone to try the Young Care Set.” Tabea Witteck Germany