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20 | Get in Shape
FitLine ProShape Products

Get in Shape . Stay in Shape .

Choose your favorite FitLine ProShape Product that will help you get in shape .
FitLine ProShape All-in-1 ¹

One Shape , One Meal .

You can now reach your personal ” feel-good weight ” with the new generation of shakes , FitLine ProShape Allin-1 ¹. Whatever your dream figure is , FitLine ProShape All-in-1 ¹ will help you reach your target weight .
Replace two complete meals ¹ a day with a prepared portion of ProShape .
• Complete meal replacement ¹
• With high-quality ingredients , and natural extracts such as Green Coffee Bean , Green Mate , and Nettle
• All-natural flavors and natural taste , with plantbased sweeteners
• Free from preservatives
• NTC ® supports optimal nutrient intake
Mousse au Chocolat 2
Cocos 2
ProShape All-In-1 ¹
Plant-based flavours
Chocolat ²
420 g | 0701046 Bourbon Vanille 2 420 g | 0701047
420 g | 0701048 Wild Berries 2 420 g | 0701050
420 g | 0701045 Cappuccino ² 420 g | 0701044
Mango ² 420 g | 0701051
¹ Substituting two daily meals of an energy restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss . | ² Sweeteners from vegetable origins .
38 | | 39 FitLine skin 4ever Smooth! Radiant! Beautiful! The rich 24-hour facial care for mornings and evenings supports the youthfulness of your skin in the medium and long term – for visible anti-aging effects. Day after day your skin becomes suppler and healthier and facial contours look like they have been remodeled. FitLine skin 4ever • For a radiant complexion “Based on my long- time experience in the cosmetic industry I’ve got to know so many skin care products, but no product has ever convinced me as much as 4ever did! The texture, th skin compatibility, the skin appearance - everything’s amazing! I’m totally impressed and love it!” • With anti-pollution-fi lter – the perfect protective shield for your skin! Vita Pshets Ukraine With 8 anti-aging effects: • Helps to soften wrinkles and fi ne lines • Supports the strength and elasticity of the skin • Refi nes pores • Promotes an even skin tone • Promotes an even skin structure • Improves the moisture in the skin 50 ml | 0116052 Tip: Use FitLine skin Ultimate Young as a highlight with immediate effect! 08 2020 FitLine skin Triple Lift Set Turn Back Time¹ - For a Radiant Young Skin The ideal care for skin of 30+ and for the fi rst wrinkles. Experience the innovative anti-aging technology for immediate, mid- and long-term effects. 1x FitLine skin Ultimate Young 1x FitLine skin 4ever Set | 9116241 ¹ Only optical effects are achieved by the use of the products. FitLine skin Ultimate Young FitLine skin Triple Lift Set “The Triple Lift is the perfect skincare combination! The 4ever provides my skin with so much moisture and all the important nutrients! And with the Ultimate Young I can visibly reduce small wrinkles around the eyes and create a more even skin! I love the results and I’m a huge fan of the Triple Lift and the sophisticated packaging!” Tatiana Radzijevski Ukraine 3 Minute Lifting¹ Don’t just dream of a visibly smoother skin! With the FitLine skin Ultimate Young you can enjoy a fl awless complexion and a youthful appearance! Ultimate Young is a 3-minute-lifting as a 2-phases- elixir in 1 fl acon for immediate results! • helps to reduce wrinkles and fi ne lines within 3 minutes - up to 6 hours! • with skin tone matcher - matches perfectly with your individual skin tone 15 ml | 0116050 ¹ Only optical effects are achieved by the use of the products. > Results