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Special Products
FitLine Zellschutz ( Antioxy )¹ & IB⁵

Combination for your

Immune System ²

FitLine Zellschutz ( Antioxy )
“ I think Zellschutz is just brilliant . It is my daily companion . In winter I don ’ t have any colds and in summer it ’ s my natural sun protection from the inside . I get tanned faster and the sun tan lasts longer . Sunburn ? Not with me .”
FitLine Zellschutz ( Antioxy )¹ for medium / long term results

Daily drink to support your immune system ²

FitLine Zellschutz ( Antioxy )¹ helps support your body ’ s defenses ².
FitLine Antioxy contains citrus extracts rich in natural bioflavonoids , Vitamin C , Provitamin A , and Selenium . In addition to that , the NTC ® supports optimal nutrient intake , and the powder dissolves into a drink with fresh and fruity orange flavor .
• NTC ® supports optimal nutrient intake
• Supports your immune system ²
• Contains antioxidant ¹ properties 60 Servings | 0707008 |
¹ Contains Selenium , Vitamin E and Vitamin C which contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress . | ² Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system .
42 | | 43 FitLine skin Hydrating-shot mask Give it a Shot and Unmask Your Beauty The unique and unirridated sheet-mask is the intensive moisture booster. 3 different shots help to prevent a premature skin aging! Whenever your skin needs an extra dose of care, radiance and freshness! 4x25 ml | 0116084 | FitLine skin Hydrating-Shot Mask “I have worked as a dermatologist for 26 years and I have never experienced anything like this! The Hydrating-shot mask gives you everything: resilience, moisture & luster. A big plus is the material of the lovely sheet, as it feels so luxurious on the skin I love it!” Zenita Axelsson Sweden FitLine skin 12h-Active-Serum Daily Dose of Freshness & Firmness The skin-activating serum vitalizes the skin and provides long-lasting moisture. The skin structure is visibly improved and fi ne lines and wrinkles are reduced. Your skin feels noticeably fresher, tighter and fi rmer. 30 ml | 0116003 | FitLine skin 12h-Active-Serum “The FitLine skin 12h-Active-Serum makes your skin beautiful and even. The skin immediately feels refreshed and smooth. My insider tip: apply it not only on the face, but also on the neck and décolleté. I just love the FitLine skin 12h-Active-Serum and it has been with me since day 1 – Amazing product!” Margit Bär Germany