EN 30 Under 30 2020 - Page 7

The Winners
Chloe Richardson – Acier Events – Owner Chloe has worked for over half of the world ’ s top organisers , across many continents , delivering exceptional sales results . Her industry profile has never been higher nor has her reputation . An exceptional commercial mind with outstanding commercial results .
Charlotte Hendy – Media 10 – Marketing Manager Charlotte has been revolutionary to the business since joining Media 10 . She is one of the most intelligent , creative and diligent marketers the business has employed . She has built a team to work for her whilst delivering results , which is where Charlotte has excelled - ensuring attendances and revenues increase on her events , all the while overseeing ever-strained budgets .
Danika Bacon – Easyfairs – Senior Operations Executive Danika ’ s career has flown in her three years at Easyfairs from Operations Assistant to the point where she is fully responsible for the operations management of international shows and significant budgets . Her prowess also meant she was brought back at the end of lockdown to manage the health and safety for the Easyfairs return to work
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