eMedicine 2020 Accomplishments Report-FOR WEB | Page 5


Our Patient Satisfaction Net Promoter Score reached 85 , which is the maximum satisfaction score for the hospitality , retail , and call center industries , according to national patient experience plat-form Medallia . Below are some patient comments that reflect the positive experiences with UAB eMedicine :
n “ Not much needed to improve . My eMedicine video call saved me about half a day , taking off work and driving 30-45 minutes to go sit in a crowded waiting room for an hour ... only to visit with my doctor for 15 minutes before driving another 30-45 minutes back home . Why has eMedicine taken SO LONG to get here ? Truly a phenomenal option in my opinion ! Please keep doing it !”
UAB eMedicine 2020 Report n “ Being there virtually means everything . I feel like I ’ m always connected by the portal and / or eMed-icine .”
n “ For the service I needed that day , my two eMedicine appointments worked perfectly . An additional bonus is that my husband and I did not have to make the drive from Madison , Mississippi to Bir-mingham and did not have to rent a hotel room , yet I still received world-class health care . I ’ m sure COVID-19 put a rush on developing eMedicine , but I believe in the long run it may have been good that people were forced to use it , to let them see how easy , convenient , and effective it is .”
n “ Absolutely nothing to improve . I was skeptical at first , but after my experience with eMedicine , I would highly recommend it to my friends and family . Thank you for the pleasant experience .”
n “ Everyone was amazing ! The best surgical experience I ’ ve had in my 56 years of life , and I worked in hospital administration for 32 of those years . I ’ ve seen a lot ! UAB certainly sets the bar high !”
n “ PLEASE continue it post-COVID ! Telehealth is the future of medicine ! Convenient , safer , efficient , and I actually look forward to my appointment . I think UAB would see much better compliance with patients keeping appointments if this became the norm .”
n “ UAB eMedicine changed and improved my overall quality of life so much in the last year ! I have no regrets choosing and seeking treatment through UAB ! Thank you !” uabmedicine . org 3