ELTABB Journal Volume 1 - Page 15

Some other ways of tweaking the simulation include the following: All of these are tweaking tricks I have used to push learners to experiment with new language and provide more focus on the process of completing the task rather than completion of the task. The advantage of simulating over role-playing is that it involves more person-experience, during the process of simulating the parameters can be changed to add new layers on the • Pair interviewer and interviewee up with a silent partner to penumbra of learners’ communicative ability, offer support with language and content and to provide the affect of which is post-simulation feedback; that they will produce • Provide each group with a posture and body language more authentic guide to offer each participant advice in the simulation on language and be these elements; pushed to deal with the • Provide each group with a back-channelling monitor (eye unpredictable – that’s contact, words like “right”, “ok”,