ELTABB Journal Volume 1 | Page 3

The 2013 Team A few thoughts from the Editor... 2013 saw the 20th anniversary of ELTABB. The founding members will be able to recall the modesty and simplicity of the first meetings in which the foundations for what we today know as ELTABB were laid. A year has passed since Scott Thornbury braved the freezing temperatures for our 2013 AGM. This year, we’re excited to host Lindsay Clanfield as our speaker with a double header: Let's Get Critical! and: Rediscovering Writing. class events calendar since joining two years ago. The Journal Teaching, networking, developing all are inclusive concepts. We learn best from each other - the conversation in the staff room, reading a blog, attending an ELTABB workshop, chatting to a colleague. My mantra for putting this project together is inclusiveness. 2014 is the year we say goodbye to Leo Waters, whose hard work and dedication to ELTABB over the past three years I’m sure everyone will agree has been invaluable. Your passion and commitment will not be soon forgotten, Leo. On that note, if you want to share your professional practice, your ideas or your thoughts with the ELTABB Journal - please get in touch with us at Another board member, Anne Hodgson, will be stepping down from the Events Coordinator position. You would have to be living under a rock not to have come into contact with Anne. Her charisma and motivation has shone through in the first- Now all that’s left is to thank you for downloading and hope you enjoy the first volume of the ELTABB Journal! LIBERO PURUS SODALES MAURIS, EU VEHICULA LECTUS VELIT NEC VELIT: [email protected] - Dale Coulter www.apple.com/iwork