Elston CPD Redefining Adviser Value | Page 4

Introduction An introduction to this white paper: how value added by advisers needs a fresh look and alternative approaches to maintaining value. The streamlining of investment decision making is giving investors the opportunity to exercise greater autonomy over their savings decisions and execution. There are three key areas that are subject to this streamlining. The first area is information and research about investments which is now available extensively online from multiple channels. The second is planning, execution and reporting which is now made easier and clearer by a growing range of online investment providers. The third area is in investment design, which is being simplified by the rapid growth in Asset Allocation Funds that deliver an asset allocation strategy inside a single fund and model portfolios that can be executed on an investment platform. All these functions - information, research, planning tools, execution, reporting and asset allocation design were formerly the preserve of investment advisers. As these functions become increasingly outsourced there is some concern that advisers may find it harder to evidence their value add in this more streamlined world. As a result of the UK’s regulatory Retail Distribution Review (“RDR) and the