Elston CPD Redefining Adviser Value | Page 14

Structured Learning for CPD evaluation Assigned Reading Redefining Adviser Value, Agarwal and Cobbe (2015) Aims and Objectives The aim of this CPD module is to highlight the value an adviser adds to a client relationships in the context of technological changes in the industry By completing this CPD module, financial planners should be able to: A. Understand the context whereby traditional concepts of adviser value add are being challenged B. Understand the theory behind client decision-making and how to emphasise client services appropriately C. Outline alternative approaches to defining, delivering and evaluating adviser value add Learning Outcome Statements Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) are descriptions of specific knowledge and capabilities that you can attain after you complete a reading. The statements use command words such as “explain”, “identify” or “evaluate” to indicate what you should know about the relevant subject matter, relating to the objectives of the assigned reading. Objective A: How traditional concepts of adviser value add are being challenged LOS.1. Identify the adviser functions where there is emerging competition from alternative providers. LOS.2. Identify three regulatory changes that have impacted the advisory model and outline the impacts. LOS.3. Outline the behavioural biases which can affect advisers and investors alike. LOS.4. Explain why investors that are willing and able to pay for financial advice are likely to value human interaction in financial decision making. Objective B: Understand the theory behind client-decision making and how to emphasise client services appropriately. LOS.5. Summarise the key characteristics of the two different types of decision-making. LOS.6. Explain to what extent adviser functions speak to these different types of decisionmaking by their clients. LOS.7. Summarise the key qualities for which advisers can be favourably valued by clients. LOS.8. Explain how emotional intelligence can assist job performance. 14