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If there is ever a need for communities to save our elderly programs it is now! John & Brenda Williams Founders of Come On In go above the call of duty.

Both military retirees devote a portion of their monthly income to help youth and seniors. Seniors Elite Prom and Pageants empower the lives of the underserved . Visiting and entertaining those that are often forgotten find more meaning to their life.


Meet the Visionaries behind Come On In Inc.

The Founders 04

Queens of the Prom 09

Babyboomers and Seniors

Enjoy a evening of fun, food, gifts & recognition.

Meet Blytheville City Councilmen, John Musgraves, Dr. LaVerne and John as orignal team of Come On In reunites


The Blue Event 13

Drop by and meet the esteem women of the Prom

There's a theory that when we're depressed, we stop doing the things we enjoy, thus leading to more depression. In order to become less depressed, we need to engage in activities we used to find pleasurable, even if we don't feel like it. Once we do something fun, it energizes us enough to take the next pleasant action, thus leading to an upward spiral out of depression. Follow our events and socialize for new friends.

Volunteer or Donate to our next event!!

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