Elementary Education: An Introduction (Updated 2/2018) Welcome to Elementary Ed brochure 2018 WEB VERSION | Page 21

All About Kindergarten Welcome to Kindergarten! We are committed to creating a positive transition to Kindergarten to ensure a successful year for your child and family. Helpful suggestions include: C V • Model a positive “I can do it” attitude about school learning. Set study and behavior goals. • Go through your child’s backpack daily. Check to see if there is anything that requires a parent signature. • Ask your child specific questions about his/her day at school (i.e. “Tell me something new you learned.”) • Label coats, sweaters, and jackets with your child’s name. • Dress your child for the weather – we try to go outdoors daily. • Set aside regular homework/study time. Make sure this time is free of distraction. • Recognize and accept differences in children. Not all children learn in the same manner or at the same pace. “Home is your child’s first classroom and you are your child’s most important teacher - you can ignite your child’s desire to learn.” - Parent Institute 21