Elementary Education: An Introduction (Updated 2/2018) Welcome to Elementary Ed brochure 2018 WEB VERSION | Page 13

Mastery Connect Mastery Connect provides our families full access to their child’s progress anytime from anywhere. Additionally, your child's report card in Mastery Connect will provide a summary of your child's achievement of standards taught and assessed by trimester. You will have access to current, re- al-time progress for your child’s growth in all academic areas. Your initial view may contain red or yell ow, especially if a pre-assessment is entered. The opportunity is for everyone to notice where a student needs help and how we can all support the student to grow. We will strive to give you precise feedback of what your child knows and still needs to learn. “The primary goal of mastery-based grading is to better communicate what each student knows and is able to do according to our standards.” Benefits of a standards based system: Levels of Mastery: • Helps teachers and students focus and adjust instruction and learning. • Leads to higher learning through improved accountability and engagement as students have multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery. • Reports most recent evidence and trends of students learning. • Gives students, parents and teachers a clear picture of learning and mastery. M = Mastery of Standards (GREEN) NM = Near Mastery of Standards (YELLOW) R = Remedial Level of Understanding (RED) 13