El Diario del CISO Volumen 6 2018 - Page 7

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Detection , Email Attacks Continue To Cause Headaches For
BEC scammers actively targeting Fortune 500 companies Discover hidden cybersecurity talent to solve your hiring crisis Email inboxes still the weakest link in security perimeters Global cyber risk perception : Highest management priorities
The advent of GDPR could fuel extortion attempts by criminals The economic impact of cybercrime ? Almost $ 600 Billion US sets up dedicated office for energy infrastructure cybersecurity What if defenders could see the future ? Many clues are out there Russian , Indian banks lose millions to hackers What types of hospitals experience data breaches ? Which phishing messages have a near 100 % click rate ?
Councils failing on cyber-security , say campaigners
N Korea expanding cyber-attack capabilities , intention appears disruption
ITSecurityguru 63 % of C-suite more concerned about paying for a cybersecurity breach than losing customers Business leaders report urgent need for cybersecurity skills as digital talent gap widens


Incident Detection, Email Attacks Continue To Cause Headaches For Companies Keeping Pace With IoT In B2B Design And Manufacturing Laser Tools Could Be Next: Insecurity In The Internet Of Things UK Councils Suffer 37 Cyber Attacks Every Minute Cryptocurrency Fraud: In the Midst of a Gold Rush, Beware of Scammers Czech President Wants Hacker 'Extradited to Russia' Not US Do Business Leaders Listen to Their Own Security Professionals? Fraud Campaign Targets Accounts Payable Contacts at Fortune 500 Firms Global Cybercrime Costs $600 Billion Annually: Study Iranian Hackers Use New Trojan in Recent Attacks It Takes a Village: The Importance of Security Standards 5 tips to help you block ransomware Automation is the key to mitigation of today’s cyber threats Building a cybersecurity strategic plan The Session Border Controller As A Virtual Network Function The Top 5 Financial Markets That Are Open To Attack Thousands Of Snapchat Users Exposed After Cyberattack Tinder Security Flaw Report Highlights Challenges of Incident Response Russian Cyberspies Shift Focus From NATO Countries to Asia SEC Tells Execs Not to Trade While Investigating Security Incidents Singapore Invites Cyberattacks to Strengthen Defenses The Rise of ICS Malware: How Industrial Security Threats Are Becoming More Surgical U.S. Justice Department Launches Cybersecurity Task Force GDPR is coming, and many organizations aren’t ready Securing the Network: What Three Key Verticals Require BEC scammers actively targeting Fortune 500 companies Take a 7VRg&WW&RrtE"v&Fr7&W'6V7W&G&WB6Ɩ6Rf'7B&6FR&&rFRגvvB2G'W6FWFV7F77FVE2fVVB6&ƗGvF6W&W0vVVB6VvW0v&VwBvRW6r43R6( B&FV7BvBR6( B6VPFRGfVBbtE"6VBgVVWF'FGFVG2'7&֖0F66fW"FFV7&W'6V7W&GFVBF6fRW"&r7&62FRV6֖27Bb7&W&7&S7BCc&ƖV&W27FFRvVW7BƖ6V7W&GW&WFW'2U26WG2WFVF6FVBff6Rf"VW&wg&7G'V7GW&R7&W'6V7W&Gv&7&W"&6W&6WFvW7BvVVB&&FW2vBbFVfVFW'26VB6VRFRgWGW&S6VW2&RWBFW&P'W76F&26R֖Ɩ2F6W'2vBGW2b7F2WW&V6RFF'&V6W36&&FfR6V7W&Gv66rW76vW2fRV"R6Ɩ6&FS44vUT6V62fƖr7&W"6V7W&G66vW'0&VWFr7&W"GF66&ƗFW2FVFV'2F7'WFकE6V7W&GwW'Pc2Rb27VFR&R66W&VB&WBrf"7&W'6V7W&G'&V6F6r7W7FW'0'W6W72VFW'2&W'BW&vVBVVBf"7&W'6V7W&G622FvFFV@vvFV0