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Other Important News 2017 Smashed World's Records for Most Data ... 7 Ways to Maximize Your Security Dollars 8 Nation-State Hacking Groups to Watch in 2018 Adobe Patches Flash Zero-Day Used in South Korean ... AutoSploit: Mass Exploitation Just Got a Lot Easier Back to Basics: AI Isn't the Answer to What Ails Us ... BrickerBot: Internet Vigilantism Ends Don't Justify ... Cyber Warranties: What to Know, What to Ask Google Paid $2.9M for Vulnerabilities in 2017 Identity Fraud Hits All-Time High in 2017 Man Formerly on FBI Most Wanted List Pleads Guilty ... Mastering Security in the Zettabyte Era 2017 was extraordinary: 5,200 breaches exposed 7.8 billion records 7 steps for getting your organization GDPR-ready 8 trends in government tech for an enterprise-focused approach to IT 99 percent of domains are not protected by DMARC About the Flash zero-day currently exploited in the wild Android devices roped into new Monero-mining botnet Data and analytics maturity: Most organizations should be doing better Five smart TVs tested for security, privacy issues Flaw in Grammarly's extensions opened user accounts to compromise Identity fraud enters a new era of complexity 11 tips for prioritizing security spending 3 leaked NSA exploits work on all Windows versions since Windows 2000 3 reasons why security automation is as cool as blockchain 6 use cases for blockchain in security Cyber NYC boosts the Big Apple's cybersecurity industry Cybersecurity job fatigue affects many security professionals New POS Malware Steals Data via DNS Traffic North Korean APT Group Employed Rare Zero-Day Attack Over 12,000 Business Websites Leveraged for Cybercrime Russian Authorities Arrest Engineers for ... Sacramento Bee Databases Hit with Ransomware Attack Security vs. Speed: The Risk of Rushing to the Cloud Tennessee Hospital Hit With Cryptocurrency Mining ... Ticking Time Bombs in Your Data Center Top Cloud Security Misconceptions Plagui rGv7W7V7G2'&W7FVBt6GFrrGF6V&W"w2&W76RF#bFF'&V6v2tVvǒV&RvW"F7G&2C#֖Ɩ7&W"खFV&VV6W2Wr7V7G&R֖7&6FRWFFW2f"6RffV7FVB&6W76'027'F֖W"F7G&'WFVBf5WFFRFW"6gGv&RFvB6FW07&W72v&SFR76Ɩ6GF67B&VF76F6fVBvFF&VBFVƖvV6RVƗGB67W&7V&W"bFW&WB66W76&R526VG227&V6rWfW'V &VƗ7F2vV6FVB&VFFB6R2WBFw&"W6W'2rv7&VFVF06W'fW"6FRWG2F֖FRFRF&VBG66PFRWrvB'W66FR7'F7W'&V7g&V@vV7'F֖rv&RG244DWGv&FVw&FVBCFR6vr&RbFV6w7&72&v旦F06V7W&GWG&73FVƖrW"fVR7F'FR'F6RbF66W&r&WGvVV"'W&WBBE4@FRƖfRBFVFbF7VVCvW&RFBB&VǒvFRGv7B'FBv2FFVfVBv7B6V7W&GF&VG0vB266W726G&RVf&6VVB6VvW26V7W&G&fW762VV@FpvB27'F6srF&WfVBFWFV7BB&V6fW"g&@p