El Diario del CISO Volumen 4 - 2018 - Page 5

3. Ensure vendor management excellence. Enlarge your vision and make sure the best private-sector cyberpros keep working on your contracts. Most governments rely on vendor staff to meet cybersecurity needs. Whether you use a staff augmentation approach, outsource certain functions or both, government leaders must ensure that contracts are well written and professionally managed after signing. Successful security leaders ensure that their private-sector partners don’t rotate out the best contract staff after an initial period or lower the quality of their work using bait-and-switch techniques. TIP: Attract and maintain the best contract oversight staff who understand procurement and keep the top vendor talent working on your projects. Also, include these contract professionals in team- building events. Our future promises autonomous vehicles, robots and more, which means millions of Americans will need to be retrained to use new technology. Artificial intelligence may help someday, but these innovative paradigm shifts should challenge gov tech managers to rethink their recruitment practices now. Security may be the most noticeable part of government’s staff retention challenges, but other areas like database administrators and programmers with secure- coding skills are also difficult to keep. Finally, could a tech bubble burst change the hiring landscape? Government jobs have offered stability during hard times, and no doubt, this will happen again at some point. This article was taken from here This article was originally printed in Government Technology Magazine at: http://www.govtech.com/security/GT- OctoberNovember-2017-3-Ways-to-Fight-the-Cybertalent-War.html 5