El Diario del CISO Volumen 4 - 2018 - Page 11

Apria Healthcare's CISO on Sustaining Security in the Cloud Board and management responsibilities for information security Cibercrimen en 2018 - CICE CISOs Look to Machine Learning to Augment Security Staffing Shortages Crypto-Mining Malware May Be a Bigger Threat than Ransomware Cyber Assault On Electric Grid Could Make U.S. Feel Like Post-Hurricane Puerto Rico Cyber Security Culture in organisations Cybersecurity dominates EU Fintech Action Plan Cybersecurity insurance breaks coming for Apple, Cisco customers Cybersecurity pays — In more ways than one DDoS attacks in Q4 2017 - Securelist Digital dark age fears stoked by Davos elite do little to address cybersecurity Drones to cloud computing: AP exposes Russian wish list Enterprises spend more than $16 million on hidden costs of detection-based security Es hora de tomarse en serio la Ciberseguridad Industrial EU looks to blockchain to solve cybersecurity problems while easing communication of sensitive data Expert pinpoints four rules of cybersecurity Fake crypto scam sends ransomware, then malware once you pay For YouTube Stars, Influencers: More Risk of Hacks after Octoly Breach Four Enterprise Security Lessons From Maury GandCrab Ransomware Being Distributed Via Malspam Disguised as Receipts Hacked at Sea: Concerns Grow Over Lax Cybersecurity for Ships Information Security is Free! InfoSec Professionals Reveal the Top Information Security Concerns for 2018 & Beyond International crackdown on anti-spyware malware Officials confirm that a cyberattack took place during the Winter Olympics opening ceremonies Q&A with Jane Frankland: GDPR, CISOs, and Women in Cybersecurity Q&A: Siemens Industrial Security Executive Shares Cyber Priorities www.argylejournal.com www.cio.com www.cice.es f5.com securityboulevard.com www.forbes.com www.enisa.europa.eu www.finextra.com searchsecurity.techtarget.com www.crainscleveland.com securelist.com theconversation.com apnews.com betanews.com www.infoplc.net sciencebusiness.net www.royalgazette.com theamericangenius.com securityledger.com www.securitynow.com www.bleepingcomputer.com www.newsdeeply.com www.anticiso.com digitalguardian.com www.europol.europa.eu www.theverge.com www.hackerone.com www.ioti.com 11