El Diario del CISO Volumen 2 2018 - Page 8

CSOONLINE Are bad analogies killing your security training program? Hackers lure victims with fake cryptocurrency SpriteCoin Are the BSDs dying? Some security researchers think so Cybersecurity M&A deal flow: List of 200 transactions in 2017 How bad are Meltdown and Spectre? New year provides enterprises prime opportunity to recalibrate security posture The CSO guide to top security conferences Data privacy, a growing strategic initiative To Understand User Intent, Consider the Context Data Sprawl: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You Top 5 cybersecurity facts, figures and statistics for 2018 Defining “Normal” User Behavior: Don’t Just Ask ‘What,’ But ‘Why’ Understanding root causes of trade secret breaches Endpoint detection and response is coming - in one form or another What is penetration testing? Ethical hacking basics and requirements Give Your Users a Leg Up with Clear Security Guidelines Will the end of net neutrality be a security nightmare? Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity: The real deal Hackers could have exploited flaw in all Blizzard games to hijack millions of PCs SecurityWeek Bell Canada Hit by Data Breach Iranian Hackers Target IIS Web Servers With New Backdoor Cryptocurrencies Fall After Hack Hits Japan's Coincheck Lebanon Must Investigate Claims of Mass Spying: Rights Groups Cybersecurity's Marketing Dilemma Mirai-Based Masuta Botnet Weaponizes Old Router Vulnerability Dutch Spies Watched as Russians Hacked US Democrats: Report Russia Infrastructure Spying Could Cause 'Total Chaos': UK Defence Minister Google Parent Alphabet Launches Cybersecurity Firm Chronicle SamSam Operators Make $325,000 in 4 Weeks IoT Devices Fuel Complex DDoS Attacks: Report SamSam Ransomware Attacks Hit Healthcare Firms HelpNet Security Cybercriminals stole $172 billion from 978 million consumers in the past year Fake cryptocurrency wallet carries ransomware, leads to spyware Industries most at risk of phishing attacks revealed Intel testing new Spectre fixes, tells everyone to hold off on deploying current firmware updates Old Bitcoin transactions can come back to haunt you Future workforce: Intelligent technology meets human ingenuity Security in the enterprise: Things are looking up! GDPR: Whose problem is it anyway? Will explosive data exfiltration continue in 2018? ICO protection: Key threats, attack tools and safeguards Good privacy is good for business, so pay attention Rise in cryptomining malware impacts organizations worldwide Cyber attacks surge, ransomware leading the way Facebook, Microsoft announce new privacy tools to comply with GDPR 8