El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Volumen 4 - Page 20

Volumen 4/2022 More Than #cybernews (Más que Cibernoticias) Una sección que tiene recursos que son más que solo noticias, en cada uno de los tópicos que desde CISOS.CLUB hemos seleccionado para ti. Generales Para el CISO y su función Cybersecurity For a More Sustainable Future How Do I Report My Security Program's ROI? El efecto ransomware: impacto en los precios de seguros The changing role of the CISO [Q&A] cibernéticos Evolving Role of the CISO Cyber insurance’s ‘dirty little secret:’ It’s useless, and cyber- Top 5 Things on CISOs' Minds criminal gangs know it Competitive advantage through superior cyber resilience The data ditch: what is it and how to avoid it Los líderes de seguridad trazan nuevas trayectorias Building a Strong Business Case for Security and Compliance profesionales posteriores a CISO Equifax’s Jamil Farshchi: Security shouldn’t be a trade secret Prepare for What You Wish For: More CISOs on Boards 3 Predictors of Cybersecurity Startup Success The Troublemaker CISO: Supply Chains and Disclosure Tormenta perfecta para el cibercrimen Skill set of great CISOs. Not an easy feat The new cybersecurity mandate CISO Shares Top Strategies to Communicate Security's Value to Weak Security Controls and Practices Routinely Exploited for Initial the Biz Access Why Cybersecurity Is Now A Board-Level Leadership Imperative Enterprises rarely follow advice to never pay ransoms 4 Cybersecurity Questions Boards Need to Address - Free Guide Me, My Digital Self, and I: Why Identity Is the Foundation of a Cybersecurity metrics corporate boards want to see Decentralized Future El CISO del mañana How Dangerous Is the Cyber Attack Risk to Transportation? 8 Ways to Avoid CISO Burnout Why AI-powered ransomware cyberattacks could be coming soon Is business acumen now more vital for a CISO than security MY TAKE: 'Digital trust' has a huge role to play mitigating knowledge? cybersecurity threats, going forward What does it mean for cybersecurity to “align with the La transformación digital es un problema cultural, no tecnológico business"? Is Fighting Cybercrime A Losing Battle? How Much Enough Is Enough? The Future of the Data Economy: Four Building Blocks to Maximize Communication Is Key to CISO Success Value From Data Spaces 6 top attributes employers want in new CISOs Trust, Treason and Treachery: The Psychology of Spying Mental health issues at work, how to get help cybersecurity Taking The Next Step In Digital Transformation: Modernizing workers Cybersecurity Board-Level Security. What Directors Should Be Doing To… How cyber insurers can raise the game in cyber resilience 11