El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Volumen 4 - Page 18

Volumen 4 / 2022


REPORTS ( Reportes de Industria )
Volumen 4/2022 Artículos de Opinión, Revistas y Papers de Investigación CISO MindMap 2022 - Recommendations Reinventing Cybersecurity Many Hands in the Cookie Jar: Case Studies in Response Options to Cyber Incidents Affecting U.S. Government Networks and Implications for Future Response (IN)SECURE Magazine: RSAC 2022 special issue released Better Cybersecurity Awareness Through Research The Intelligence Handbook 10 Reducing Cybersecurity Security Risk From and to Third Parties Digital Trust A Modern- Day Imperative Effective Cybersecurity for Research Briefing note on systemic risk