El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 9 2018 | Page 8

Five Essential Pillars Of Big Data GDPR Compliance Global Developer Survey Confirms Increased Requirement For Devops Yet Adoption Falls Behind Gwent Police Investigated For Hiding Potential Hack Mcafee Labs Reports Record Surges In Health Care Attacks, Fileless Malware, Cryptocurrency Mining Microsoft Shoves AI Into Windows 10, Neglects To Let Consumers Know Of Security Risks Prolific Cyberespionage Group Sofacy Shifts Focus To The Far East, Warns Kaspersky Lab Slingshot Apt Riding On A Hardware Trojan Horse Identifying Security Blind Spots For You And Your Customers Amd Ryzen Epyc Vulnerabilities Isps In Turkey Syria Egypt Installing Mining Surveillance Malware Chinese Speaking Apt Actor Caught Spying On Pharmaceutical Organisations Primary Research Bitcoin Going Out Of Fashion As Cybercriminals Turn To Monero Gaming Currencies And Micro Payments To Launder 200billion In Ill Gotten Gains Thycotic Releases 2018 Global State Of Privilege Access Management Risk Mind The Gap And Compliance Report Georgia Anti Hacking Legislation A Serious Threat To Cyber Security Industry Over 360000 Affected By Florida School Data Breach Healthcare Industry: Attacks Outpacing Investments In Personnel, Education Best Practices To Tackle Challenges Posed By Digital Twins And Resources Big Data And Insurance: Implications For Innovation And Privacy Meltdown And Spectre Will Delay Patching For Most Organizations Binance Offers $250,000 For Info About Hackers Who Targeted Its Users Microsoft Kicks Off Bounty Program For Speculative Execution Bugs Dangerous Credssp Flaw Opens Door Into Corporate Servers Pci Ssc Qir Program Former Equifax Exec Charged With Insider Trading After Data Breach Researchers Find Critical Flaws In Securenvoy Securmail, Patch Now! Four Wireless Standards Hackers Will Target After Wi-Fi Cybercriminals Launder Money Global Business Spend On Cybersecurity To Grow 33% Over The Next 4 Years Minority Representation Cybersecurity Field Global SOC Maturity Improves, Yet Some Still Operate With Serious Gaps In Hyper Converged Infrastructure Security Security Bankinfosecurity 5 Ways To Improve Insider Threat Prevention Federal Judge: Yahoo Breach Victims Can Sue How 'Slingshot' Router Malware Lurked For Six Years SEC Charges A Former Equifax CIO With Insider Trading Trump Blocks Broadcom's Qualcomm Buy On Security Grounds US Power Company Fined $2.7 Million Over Data Exposure Threatpost Ccleaner Attackers Intended To Deploy Keylogger In Third Stage China-Linked APT15 Used Myriad Of New Tools To Hack UK Government Contractor Fireeye's Marina Krotofil On Triton And ICS Threats New POS Malware Pinkkite Takes Flight New Web-Based Malware Distribution Channel 'Blacktds' Surfaces Walmart Jewelry Partner Exposes Personal Data Of 1 3m Customers