El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 8 2018 - Page 8

Criminals can build Web dossiers with data collected by browsers Exim vulnerability opens 400,000 servers to remote code execution The driving force of cloud security investments Wire shares results of independent security audit of its secure messaging apps UK govt wants IoT manufacturers to take responsability for security Global security trends for 2018: GDPR, identity and access security Vulnerable Apache Solr, Redis, Windows servers hit with cryptominers Cyber attacks becoming No. 1 business risk Locked Windows machines can be compromised through Cortana AlphaBay PR flack pleads guilty to conspiracy charge Chinese Ministry of State Security caught manipulating critical CVE data ComboJack malware steals digital payments, cryptocurrency, by modifying info saved to clipboards Cybersecurity executive changes Dofoil trojan spotted and stopped after 400,000 instances recorded Going Soft: Nation-state attackers seek weaknesses in the system IT pros don't learn from cyberattacks, study Millennial Habits May Bring an End to the Password Era 2018 Ransomware Trends Applebees Infected By POS Malware, Customer Data Exposed German Government Hacked Humanitarian Aid Organisations Being Targeted By Phishing Scam Majority Of Businesses Are Still Struggling To Secure Data Effectively, Confirms New Research From Claranet On Discovery Of Memcached DDoS Attack Kill Switch Only Half Of Ransomware Victims Who Pay Recover Their Data Thehackersnews 1.7 Tbps DDoS Attack — Memcached UDP Reflections Set New Record Get the Ultimate 2018 Hacker Bundle – Pay What You Want Over 15,000 Memcached DDoS Attacks Hit 7,100 Sites in Last 10 Days Phishing campaign found to be targeting humanitarian organisations Playing Defense Proof-of-concept ransomware attack transforms robots into extortionists RedisWannaMine cryptojacking attack exploits EternalBlue vulnerability and public Redis servers Report: Age verification tool for porn sites raises privacy concerns in UK SC Media calls for Women in Security recommendations Spear phishing campaign against Turkish financial institutions appears tied to North Korea U.K. police use DDoS-style attacks on suspected drug dealer's phones Over Half Of Organisations Would Consider Using Cryptocurrencies For Business Transactions, Though 8 In 10 Acknowledge The Increased Risk Of Associated DDoS Attacks Phishing Via Social Media Up 100 Percent, Now A Preferred Vector UK Government Announces Guidelines For Connected Devices Understanding The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Biometrics WeChat Becomes More Censored By Government In China What Is Strategic Threat Intelligence? ETCISO Cyber risk is primary biz threat' 12,500 New common vulnerabilities, malware exposures reported in 2017 50% Indians believe that web portals, applications are the biggest targets for cyber-attacks: Research 8