El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 8 2018 - Page 4

Influencers Jayshree Pandya Ph.D, Founder: Risk Group Does Electronic Warfare bring Existential Risks to Nations? Since the progress, development, and the very future of nations' survival and security today and in the coming tomorrow depends on human activities and behavior in cyberspace, geospace and space (CGS); the big question we all are facing today is; when we are not able to predict next year's economy, next day‘s stock market, next cyber breach or next school shooting, how will we predict survival and security pf nations in a technology dominated world? How will we predict existential risks to nations? The complete article is here Jeff Pollack Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship, NC State University Poole College of Management The Risks of Persuasion You Persuade All the Time Please take a moment and think back to the last time you tried to convince someone to do something that you wanted them to do. It might have been trying to convince your child to brush her teeth and put on her pajamas. It might have been trying to convince your co- worker to go where you wanted for lunch. Perhaps you recently tried to convince a member of management of the importance of engaging in a risk identification interview or workshop. My guess is that each of us can point to multiple times in the last week where we tried to persuade someone to do something. Not all of these are high-stakes situations (where jobs or lives are on the line). Not all of them involve ERM decisions where the fate of a company or organization hinges on the ability of you persuading a key stakeholder to engage in robust risk management thinking. But, all of them can end badly (i.e., you do convince a business leader about the benefits of proactive risk thinking—a company eventually fails in response to a persuasive opportunity gone wrong). Luckily, for us, there is a vast literature on persuasion and how we can all become better at sharing our ideas with other people. The complete article is here Bryan Li Cybersecurity Catalyst, Trainer, Speaker Ladies, Cybersecurity Needs You! Today is the International Women‘s Day! So please allow me to say: ―Happy holiday, ladies!‖ Enjoy all the nice messages, flowers, gifts! You truly deserve them!. Meanwhile, I can not help thinking this question: ―Why do we have this special day for women only?‖. Why do we not have something like the International Men‘s Day? After all, we have both Mother‘s Day and Father‘s Day, right? I guess the main reason we set up any specific days such as the International Women‘s Day is to remind us the importance of that subject. In other words, we still have some challenges in that subject. The complete article is here 4