El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 18 - Page 12

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Simple News 3 Ways CRE Companies Are Taking Cybersecurity Into Their Own Hands 6 Cyber Security Topics to Watch According to OMB, 3 out of 4 agencies is risking cyber attack Addressing Federal Cybersecurity Risk - Comments on the OMB Risk Report Advanced Attackers: Stealthy, Patient, Dangerous Bad news about Pretty Good Privacy Cloud Security Concerns Grow as Incidents Rise Cobalt Hacking Group continues despite leader arrest Cyber Hygiene Is Key To Better Cybersecurity Notes A Panel At BW BFSI CXO Summit Cyber Risk Analytics With Jerry Skurla of Bay Dynamics Cyber Security Hub Cyber security report yanked from Tasmanian Audit Office website Cybersecurity & C-Suite: Why Executives Should Take the Lead Department of Energy Announces New Efforts in Energy Sector Cybersecurity Digital Health’s cybersecurity imperative Enterprise cyber hygiene: A challenge for financial services organisations FDA Medical Device Plan: a Baby Step in the Right Direction Finding Synergy between Cybersecurity and Data Management Five secrets of successful CISOs: Communication, regulation, and more From the ground up to the cloud: Microsoft’s Intelligent Security supporting CISOs’ cloud transformation Google Online Security Blog: Insider attack resistance Hackers Find 65 Bugs in the Pentagon’s Travel Management System How Adaptive Cybersecurity Will Transform Consumer Device Protection InfoSec Handlers Diary Blog - Internet Storm Center Diary 2018-05-31 LINE Corporation and Intertrust Focus on Data Protection and Privacy for Their Third Security Summit – “Data Without Borders” Navigating the container security ecosystem New cyber-security law may thwart foreign businesses, stall growth New research shows 75% of 'open' Redis servers infected PERSPECTIVE: Leadership Role Suits DHS in Cybersecurity Evolution Privacy Awareness Week 2018: How much damage a hack costs and what are the techniques? Security Alert: New Variant of Tri Ё5݅ɔIɹ̰Mѡ Mѽ)ܹ͹ܹ)ܹ᥹Ʌ)ܹ)ܹ՝ɽݐ)ܹԹ)ܹȹɜ)͌ȹɜ)ܹ͍饹լ)ͥݽɱ)ͽѥɕ٥ܹ)ܹ͡Ո)ܹᅵȹ)ܹ͕ɥ幽ܹ)ܹչѽɥم剱)еݽɱ)ܹɵѥ)͕ɥ展ȹ)ɽ͔ɕ٥ܹ)ѕ̹й)Ց̹ɽͽй)͕ɥ九)ܹѝع)ܹ)̹͌ͅ)ܹɭ݅э)̹шɜ)ٹɕ̹)ܹل)ܹѽ)ܹѕ̹)͕ɥ乍