El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 18 | Page 9

Bug In Git Opens Developer Systems Up to Attack
Researchers Warn of Microsoft Zero-Day RCE Bug
Despite Ringleader ' s Arrest , Cobalt Group Still Active
SEVered Attack Extracts the Memory of AMD-Encrypted VMs
Fraudsters Claim To Hack Two Canadian Banks
Singapore ISP Leaves 1,000 Routers Open to Attack
Hidden cobra strikes again with custom rat , smb malware
Sonic Tone Attacks Damage Hard Disk Drives , Crashes OS
Honda , Universal Music Group Expose Sensitive Data in Misconfig Blunders
Ticketfly , Major Concert Venues Still Offline After Hack
Mental Health Provider Pays Ransom to Recover Data
Not GDPR Compliant Yet ? Don ' t Panic
Do Data Breaches Permanently Affect Business Reputations ?
Spurred by GDPR , Australian Businesses Catch Up on Privacy
GDPR Enforcement Deadline : If You Blew It , What ' s Next ?
Two Canadian Banks Probe Alleged Exposure of Customer Data
Hacker Who Sold Financial Data Receives 10-Year Sentence
Two Canadian Banks Warn Customers of Possible Breach
Hackers Demand $ 770,000 Ransom From Canadian Banks
US-CERT issued an alert on two malware associated with North Korea-linked
APT Hidden Cobra
In Australia , Email Compromise Scams Hit Real Estate
Women in Security : Assessing the Progress
Lawsuit Filed in Wake of Under Armour Data Breach
Yet Another Twist in Messy Aetna Privacy Breach Case
Accused Yahoo Hacker Gets Five Years in Prison , Fine
Are attackers harnessing your Redis server ?
Europol Creates Dark Web Investigations Team
Attacking hard disk drives using ultrasonic sounds
FUD Crypters Recycling Old Malware
CIOs are forced to compromise between faster innovation and perfectly working software
GDPR : What Every Organization Should Ask Itself
Cryptomining apps are on the rise , malicious apps in app stores decline
Major Canadian Banks Investigating Data Breach Claims
Make certificate visibility and security a part of your overall security program
New Trojan Uses SQL Server for C & C
Quantifying cyber exposure : Attackers are racing ahead
Tens of Vulnerabilities Found in Pentagon Travel Management System
Smart cities : New threats and opportunities
The Current Limitations and Future Potential of AI in Cybersecurity
The emergence and impact of the Data Protection Officer
The War Few Are Talking About
Ticketfly got hacked , user data was leaked
Tips for Hardening Networks Against IoT-based DDoS Attacks
What CISOs can learn from Tyrion on Game of Thrones
What The Tempest Can Teach Us About Security Operations
Will GDPR be the death of WHOIS ?
BackSwap Banking Trojan uses New Techniques Steal Money from your
Are Ransomware Attacks Rising or Falling ?
Critical Flaw Discovered in the Cisco ’ s SSL VPN Solution
Cost of Average Enterprise Data Breach Surpasses $ 1 Million
Germany Admits Hackers have Infiltrated their Computer Networks
GDPR Breach Notification : What Are the Requirements for Response ?
Ikea ’ s TaskRabbit Confirms Security Breach in its Website and App
Insider Threats : Healthcare ' s Persistent IT Infection
North Korea is behind Joanap and Brambul Malware Attacks
May ' s Cybersecurity Recap : Welcome to the GDPR Compliance Show
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