El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 18 | Page 13

Report finds major banks under assault from stealth attacks The value of integrating data and analytics for improved cybersecurity Simple steps for better data security Synack Releases New Industry Report to Outline the Crowdsourced Security Testing Landscape The 3 Faces of DevSecOps The case for hiring a federal cyber officer The Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data in Cybersecurity The DHS Cybersecurity Strategy: Five Pillars of Cybersecurity Goals The Globality Quotient: Cybersecurity The Job Of Cyber Security Is Presently Addressed As An Additional Duty The need for a strategic approach to cybersecurity purchasing » Digital By Default News The next 9/11 will be a cyberattack, security expert warns The state of cybersecurity at financial institutions Things I Hearted this Week, 1st June 2018 What Simon Sinek and Security Awareness Training Have in Common Why you need a cyber attorney Women in Information Security: Anna Westelius You Think Phishing Is Terrible? Let's Talk About Spear Phishing securitybrief.eu securitybrief.co.nz finance-commerce.com www.prweb.com www.infoq.com thehill.com www.datacenterknowledge.com blog.thalesesecurity.com www.bizcatalyst360.com www.theerpinsights.com www.digitalbydefaultnews.co.uk www.cnbc.com www2.deloitte.com www.alienvault.com www.pivotpointsecurity.com ethicalboardroom.com www.tripwire.com www.itspmagazine.com