El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 18 | Page 11

Machine learning in cybersecurity moves needle, doesn't negate threats McAfee CISO explains why diversity in cybersecurity matters Stranger things: IoT security concerns extend CISOs' reach Instagram story spam claims free Apple Watch Researchers discover vulnerabilities in smart assistants' voice commands SEO poisoning: Is it worth it? Healtcareinfosecurity Cobalt Cybercrime Gang Reboots After Alleged Leader's Bust Regulator: Don't Neglect Physical Security of 'Workstations' Unusual Breach Report by Humana Shines Light on Fraud Prevention US Government Warns of North Korean APT Malware Lawjournalnewsletters Protecting Privilege Before and After a Cyber Breach This is Not Your Father’s Cloud Security Breach Responses — As Important and Difficult As Ever Cyberdefensemagazine At least 90,000 Canadian bank customers may have been affected by two data breach GDPR and Beyond: Prepare to Lead Through The Complex Future of Privacy Regulation The Cobalt Hacking crew is still active even after the arrest of its leader Krebsonsecurity Are Your Google Groups Leaking Data? FBI: Kindly Reboot Your Router Now, Please Will the Real Joker’s Stash Come Forward? Racounter GDPR has established Europe as leaders in data protection What makes a successful Chief Data Officer and how to measure it? Ciodive 5 experts discuss how they got into cybersecurity Security tactics that won't slow your business down Zdnet FBI to all router users: Reboot now to neuter Russia's VPNFilter malware Internet security: Slaying the botnet beast and the DDoS dragon Forbes Cybersecurity -- Rapid Changes In Responsibility The Human Factor In Cybersecurity: Turning A Threat Into A Resource Infosecinstitute GDPR Trolls Minorities in Cybersecurity: The Importance of a Diverse Security Workforce The VPNFilter: A Powerful Botnet of More Than 500k Devices Ready to Attack Threatq Rise of the Advisor: - RSA, Buzzwords, Automation, and a Path Forward What The Tempest Can Teach Us About Security Operations TheregisterUK FBI fingers North Korea for two malware strains Have you heard about ransomware? Now's the time to ask: Are you covered? Trendmicro This Week in Security News: ePrivacy and Hack Back - TippingPoint Threat Intelligence and Zero-Day Coverage – Week of May 28, 2018 - Washingtonpost The Cybersecurity 202: Only YOU can prevent a VPN Filter malware attack. That's a problem for the FBI. The Cybersecurity 202: White House cybersecurity report shows federal agencies still struggling to get secure Cyberscoop As ransomware hobbled Atlanta, banks drilled for next iteration of attacks North Korea hasn't stopped cyberattacks amid peace talks