El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 17 | Page 8

As world awaits patches, researchers divulge details of new Spectre Variants 3a and 4 Researchers find abundance of legitimate apps used to stalk intimate partners Roaming Mantis malicious redirection campaign preys on Android, iOS and PC Baltimore-based LifeBridge Health breach impacts half a million patients users Speech recognition software firm breach exposes thousands of patient Confucius cybergang shifts social engineering strategy for Android malware records That smarts! 'Brain Food' spam botnet malware found on thousands of Corporation Service Company breach exposes PII on 5,678 customers websites Email fraud still a substantial threat to business Trump's mobile phone security questioned Flaws in smart pet devices, apps could come back to bite owners 1 in 10 healthcare organizations paid a ransom within the last year How security pros see the future of cryptocurrencies and cryptomining America's most cyber insecure cities exposed Microsoft will extend GDPR rights to customers worldwide Are you ready for the GDPR deadline? New Spectre-like flaw found in CPUs using speculative execution Certain types of content make for irresistible phishes Password pattern analysis: Risky, lazy passwords the norm Don't let attackers worm their way in: Increase password security Pressures impacting security pros are up, threats are turning up the heat European users can request a copy of the data Apple keeps on them How a URL shortener allows malicious actors to hijack visitors' CPU power Fraud data shows 680% spike in fraudulent mobile app transactions The operations and economics of organized criminal email groups High-level vulnerabilities discovered in 84% of Android shopping apps The percentage of open source code in proprietary apps is rising Bankinfosecurity A New Look at Email Security Chaos on the Cheap: 'Fancy Bear' Malware Weaponizes Routers DDoS Attacker Receives 15-Year Sentence Do US Banks Lack the Appetite to Become Identity Custodians? Europe's Strong GDPR Privacy Rules Go Into Full Effect FBI Seizes Domain Controlling 500,000 Compromised Routers GDPR a Litmus Test for Cross-Border Privacy Attitudes GDPR Enforcement Begins: Impact on Healthcare, Banking GDPR: The Looming Impact on US Banks Mark Zuckerberg's European Appearance: Thumbs Down Sharing HIPAA Fines With Victims: Will It Ever Happen? Spectre and Meltdown Flaws: Two More Variants Discovered ITSecurityguru CensorNet research: almost half of UK employees put companies at risk through online activities CISO Chat – Shaan Mulchandani, Chief Global Security Strategy Officer at Aricent For enterprise cyber defence, there should be more than one solution Is the C-suite exempt from cyber-crime anxiety? Is there a patch for my users? IT teams' security fears should resonate strongly with the C-suite Okta Eliminates Passwords, Backed by New Okta ThreatInsight Over half of businesses predict a serious security breach within the next year Positive Technologies investigation: Cobalt-like attacks continue Research reveals lack of expert staff and budgetary constraints are primary reasons for non-compliance with GDPR Solving the problem of insider threats to enterprise cybersecurity The Final GDPR Checks You Mustn’t Forget