El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 17 | Page 4

Influencers Molly Hulefeld Staff writer at the IAPP, Hey, what's everyone doing on May 26? While the spotlight has been undoubtedly focused on May 25 for some time now, The Privacy Advisor reached out to privacy pros to ask them: What does your life as a privacy pro look like on May 26?. The complete article is here Andrew Clearwater, CIPP/US Brian Philbrook, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM, CIPT Implementing appropriate security under the GDPR The GDPR is finally here, and things like data mapping, DPIAs, consent management, and data subject rights have been on everyone’s mind leading up to its arrival. The complete article is here Tamer Gamali, CISSP, CISO Mashreq Bank, and member of the (ISC)2 EMEA Advisory Council Is the CISO Well Positioned to Mitigate Operational Risk? Is the CISO well positioned to mitigate operational risk? (ISC)2 will be asking this probing question of Security leaders at the kick-off session for Infosecurity Europe’s Leaders Programme in London next month. A round table discussion conducted under the Chatham House Rule, the session creates an opportunity for all to offer up frank comment and illuminate the challenges currently hampering companies from appreciating and truly gaining control of cyber risks. It’s a continuation of a discussion we started in Abu Dhabi at Infosecurity Middle East in March which proved to be very enlightening. . The complete article is here Cybersafe What actually is “the human aspect of cyber security”? As today’s CISOs will know, cyber security strategies are typically sub-divided into sections on technology, processes and the human aspect of cyber security. Definitions of both technology and processes are relatively uniform. The human aspect, however, is unique. Unlike its counterparts, the human aspect of cyber security can actually mean different things to different people. The complete article is here Anna Convery-Pelletier Chief Marketing officer at Radware Cybersecurity & the customer experience: the perfect combination Organizations have long embraced the customer experience and declared it a competitive differentiator. Many executives are quick to focus on the benefits of a loyal-centric strategy and companies now go to great lengths to communicate their organization’s customer centricity to retain existing customers and attract new ones. The complete article is here