El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 17 | Page 10

Adv. Puneet Bhasin lays down the steps for implementing GDPR Facebook boss to apologise to European Parliament over data scandal facebook quiz: Online Quizzes can put your, friends' data at risk: Experts GDPR compliance will boost transparency and trust with customers: IBM’s Richard Hogg GDPR regulation is providing higher levels security hygiene: Meerah Rajavel, CIO, Forcepoint internet of things: IoT needs to adhere to robust policies to avoid security risks mark zuckerberg: Facebook face-off: EU gets little news from Zuckerberg View: Old security fears remain as the market for hyperconverged infrastructure evolves & grows CPUs take another Spectre-Meltdown speculative execution hit Cybersecurity: How to Defend Your Business in 2018 Despite education campaigns, Australians are falling harder for scams than ever FBI takes control over Russia's VPNFilter router botnet The week in security: During Privacy Awareness Week, warnings that we are neither private nor aware Your security: Ever considered you might be looking in the wrong place? Bleepingcomputer Techtarget 58% of Botnet Malware Infections Last Under a Day CryptON Ransomware Installed Using Hacked Remote Desktop Services Verge Cryptocurrency Network Falls Victim to Same Attack Even After Hard- Fork Hackers Find New Method of Installing Backdoored Plugins on WordPress Sites Malware Found in the Firmware of 141 Low-Cost Android Devices New US Bill Wants to Create National Guard Cyber Units Balance healthcare cybersecurity best practices and end-user needs CISO careers: Several factors propel high turnover Dragos' Robert Lee explains why ICS security isn't all doom and gloom How IoT is reshaping the cybersecurity landscape Securelist I know where your pet is Spam and phishing in Q1 2018 VPNFilter EXIF to C2 mechanism analysed KrebsonSecurity 3 Charged In Fatal Kansas ‘Swatting’ Attack Mobile Giants: Please Don’t Share the Where Why Is Your Location Data No Longer Private? Wired Cyberinsurance Tries to Tackle the Unpredictable World of Hacks Stealthy, Destructive Malware Infects Half a Million Routers Cyberdefensemagazine Cyber Cities Insecurities: Breaking News: Ranking America’s Most Insecure Metros Exclusive Interview: The Future of Cybersecurity with Dr. David G. DeWalt The countdown is on — are you and your organization ready for GDPR? Malwarebytes Happy anniversary to Dreamcast...and its scams Malware analysis: decoding Emotet, part 1