El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 13 - Page 9

Cyber fraud costs SMEs more than £1,000 per case Employees still in the dark about data protection Google claims it is GDPR ready Government urges UK businesses to beef up cyber crime defences Major DDoS cyber crime website shut down One month to GDPR compliance deadline Only 5% of charities are ready for GDPR, survey shows Orangeworm cyber attack group targets health sector Ransomware attack hit Ukraine energy ministry website Security Think Tank: Cryptojacking can be costly Most organisations unprepared for GDPR, survey finds Security Think Tank: GDPR compliance one good reason to cut attacker dwell time SCMagazine $152,000 in Ethereum stolen in Amazon DNS server attack CCleaner attackers gained access to app developer's network via TeamViewer Fact vs. Fiction: Understanding the Future of Connected Car Security New standard accepted by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for critical infrastructure protection Newcomer X\[ܘ[]ܛH\][X[\HX܂ۙH[۝] \܈\X[B[[ܜX[ۙ\SZ[[UQTܛHY\X]]X[ۈۈ]\”TZ[H\\H^]Z[H[ۙ\[\XHX\]HX]\\”YH[[[]ܜH]HXX\“X\]H\[[\ZYۈ\][H[[ۈ\\[H\]X\\ N[X\HY][ۙY\][ۈ[[[\[T\\Y\ LYX\[[X\]B][I[]\HX[\] Z[[ۂ N[\Y[[]X”P[\XZ HZ[[ۈݙ\ MXX[\ KHZ[[ۈY[]Z[[X[H[[X[XΈ ܘ[]ܛIܛ\]X[\Hܙ[^][ۜ•Z[[Z^\ Y[؜I[X[ X[ P۝\\•][\]\X[X[\ٙXHXXܛX[\BUT•X\XXŒ^\Z[[Z^HX\]XX]HYX[]X\X\’X\[ X\\^I[HY\܈\[\][\’\[Y\]X[Y][[Z[HX\Y[H[[[\YY\X[^HZ\\ۜX[]H[Y\[H\[HYBH]HXX\’U]\]YZ[[Y[ۈΈH\HH\ۈ]XXZ܈]X\ M\\]X\\[\\“X[Y[H\X]YܚٛܘNXZ[Z[X\X\]H[]\[ۙHܚ[[[B\X[X\ZHۈ[X^ۈX[ M[ܞ\\[BX\]Z[[Y[B\[HY]Y\[ۜX]X\X\]H\X[Y[Y[X\ܚ[YHٚ]\ KH[[ۂX\X\]H[H[\ۛXY\و[\X\H\ق[Y\[\‘]H]XHHXX[ܚ]BH]]X[ۈ[܈YYX[]XHX\X\]BZX\ۙ]